Scientific and Technical Subcommittee: 2011

Forty-eighth session (7-18 February 2011)

Daily Journals

Technical Presentations

"Highlights on the Italian contribution to Space Science. The AGILE mission" hosted by the Permanent Mission of Italy and the Italian Space Agency (ASI)

COSPAR Symposium on Planetary Protection

European Union presentations on the European Union's draft Code of Conduct for Outer Space

Session Documents

Final Report (A/AC.105/987)

Final Report


Draft Report (A/AC.105/C.1/L309 & Addenda)

Draft Report


Annotated provisional agenda (including indicative schedule of work) (A/AC.105/C.1/L.306)

Provisional Agenda


Working Group of the Whole Report (A/AC.105/C.1/2011/WGW/L.1)

WGW Draft Report


LTS Working Group Report (A/AC.105/C.1/2011/LTS/L.1)

LTS WG Draft Report


NPS Working Group Report (A/AC.105/C.1/2011/NPS/L.1)

NPS WG Draft Report


NEOs Working Group Report (A/AC.105/C.1/2011/NEO/L.1)

NEOs WG Draft Report


Conference Room Papers (A/AC.105/C.1/2011/CRP.)



Series: A/AC.105/



General Assembly resolutions and related documents

GA resolutions


COPUOS Reports

COPUOS Reports


List of Participants


List of Participants


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