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UNOOSA Symposium on Access to Space for All
11 February 2020

The following presentations were made at the Symposium.

Title/Presenter Presentation
Underrepresentation of Women in STEM Education and Space Science
Tamara Pataki, Student, Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany
Powerpoint Presentation
National view on Space4Women
Shimrit Maman, Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Israel
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Data for Gender Empowerment
Ersilia Vaudo, Chief Diversity Office, European Space Agency
Powerpoint Presentation
Space for A Sustainable World - Women in Action
Benoit Delplanque, Founder, Timkat & Fiorella Coliolo, Advisor
Powerpoint Presentation
Access to Space for All: Current Opportunities
Luc St-Pierre, Chief Space Applications Section, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Powerpoint Presentation
China Deep Space Exploration: Prospects and Opportunities
Wang Qian. Professor, Head of Science & Technology Division, China National Space Administration Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center
Powerpoint Presentation
Lunar Exploration at the European Space Agency
Stefaan De Mey, Senior Strategy Officer, Strategy and Innovation Team Leader at the Directorate for Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration, European Space Agency
Powerpoint Presentation
Indian Lunar Explorations
P Kunhikrishnan, Director, U R Rao Satellite Centre, Indian Space Research Organization
Powerpoint Presentation
JAXA's Lunar Exploration Activities
Akira Kosaka, Manager, International Relations Division, International Relations and Research Department, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Powerpoint Presentation
Explore Science: Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS)
Steven Clarke, Deputy Associate Administrator for Exploration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Powerpoint Presentation
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