United Nations / Germany High Level Forum: The way forward after UNISPACE+50 and on Space2030

Bonn, Germany 13 - 16 November 2018


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TUESDAY, 13 November 2018

Welcoming remarks
Mr. Uli BOBINGER, Master of Ceremony
Opening addresses
Mr. Thomas JARZOMBEK, Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy
Mr. Walther PELZER, Executive Board Member, DLR Space Administration
Mr. Reinhard LIMBACH, Deputy Mayor of Bonn
Setting the Scene
The evolution of the High-Level Forum - Mr. Markus WOLTRAN, UNOOSA
The Space2030-Agenda: Current Status and the Way Forward - Mr. Niklas HEDMAN, UNOOSA
Session 1: Global Partnership in Space Exploration and Innovation
"Moderator: Mr. Uli BOBINGER, Master of Ceremony / Rapporteur: Mr. Ian FREEMAN, UNOOSA, and Ms. Maruska STRAH"
The European Space Science Committee on Global Partnership in Space Exploration - Ms. Athena COUSTENIS, Paris Observatory
The NASA Exploration Campaign - Mr. Jim GREEN, NASA
Legal aspects of commercial activities in the field of manned space flights - Mr. Igor POROKHIN, Inspace Consulting
Global Partnerships In Space Exploration and Innovation: No One Left Behind - Mr. John ROTH, Sierra Nevada Corporation
Improving Health Span in Space and on Earth - Mr. Jens JORDAN, DLR
Mr. Jiwei CHEN, ISSE
Open Data in Space Sciences: Perspectives and opportunities for development - Mr. Ulissess BARRES DE ALMEIDA, Brazilian Center for Physics Research
Legal Regimes for a Sustainable Space Resource Utilization - Mr. Georgios KYRIAKOPOULOS, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Session 2: Furthering Sustainable Development and Strengthening International Cooperation on Global Health and Low-Emission and Resilient Societies
"Moderator: Mr. Uli BOBINGER, Master of Ceremony / Rapporteur: Mr. Radu BOTEZ, UNOOSA, and Ms. Patricia ZUNDRITSCH, UNOOSA"
Towards Big (Space) Data in Support of Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response in Africa - Mr. Godstime JAMES, NASRDA / Mr. Juan-Carlos VILLAGRAN, UNOOSA
International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space (ICARUS) - Mr. Martin WIKELSKI, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
Satellite Applications for Development Cooperation - Ms. Antje HECHELTJEN, German Agency for International Cooperation
Earth Observation to support sustainable development - providing objective evidence for development cooperation - Mr. Jonas FRANKE, Remote Sensing Solutions
Earth Observation, a game changer for the 2030 Agenda on sustainable development - Mr. Marc PAGANINI, ESA
Space Agencies' Contribution to Tackling to the Climate Change - Mr. Kazuo TACHI, JAXA
UN Sustainable Development Goals - Indonesian national monitoring activities and international contribution potential of weather and cloud independent radar satellite monitoring and services - Mr. Alexander KAPTEIN, Airbus / Ms. Orbita ROSWINTIARTI, LAPAN
Space Technologies Application Micros Studies in Global Health for Sustainable Development: Microgravity, Microplastics, Microbiology - Ms. Funmilola OLUWAFEMI, National Space Research and Development Agency
Reusable cruise rocket for urgent cargo delivery in case of disaster - Mr. Roman MYKHALCHYSHYN, Yuzhnoye SDO
Advancing Health Related Sustainable Development Goals through Space Science, Technology and Applications - Mr. Jason HATTON, ESA / Mr. Ramesh KRISHNAMURTHY, WHO
Space Climate Observatory - Ms. Selma CHERCHALI, CNES
The Use of Space Technologies in Enhancing International Regimes & Disaster Preparedness - Ms. Sze Wai CHIU, University of Oxford
Q & A with audience

WEDNESDAY, 14 November 2018

Session 3: Legal Regime of Outer Space and Global Space Governance
"Moderator: Mr. Uli BOBINGER, Master of Ceremony / Rapporteur: Mr. Bernhard SCHMIDT-TEDD, DLR, and Ms. Scarlet WAGNER, DLR"
Future Scenarios of space diplomacy and international relations - Ms. Sumaya AL HAJERI, UAE Space Agency
The Guidance Document to the five UN Treaties and Global Governance of Space Activities - Mr. Bernhard SCHMIDT-TEDD, DLR
Unearthing Outer Space through Anthropo-legal Perspectives - Mr. Bayar GOSWAMI, McGill University
The institutions for regional space cooperation - Mr. Marco FERRAZZANI, ESA
UNIDROIT and the Financing of the Space Industry - Mr. Ignacio TIRADO, UNIDROIT
NewSpace - Legal Issues - Mr. Oliver HEINRICH, BHO-Legal
A Choice Between Universal and Particular, and Between Hard and Soft Law? - the LSC Chair's view - Mr. Andzej MISZTAL, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland
Session 4: Enhanced Information Exchange on Space Objects and Events and an International Framework for Space Weather Services
"Moderator: Mr. Uli BOBINGER, Master of Ceremony / Rapporteur: Ms. Sharafat GADIMOVA, UNOOSA, and Mr. Peter STUBBE, DLR"
International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems: Space Weather - Ms. Sharafat GADIMOVA, UNOOSA
ScOSA: A Space Weather Tolerant High-Performance Onboard Computer for Satellites - Mr. Rolf HEMPEL, DLR
Multi-criteria approach for minimizing the space weather risk on critical infrastructure - Ms. Olga SOKOLOVA, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Space Debris-related Activities at ESA - Mr. Holger KRAG, ESA
Expanded International Coordination for Space Weather in the UN Context Fulfilling the promise of UNISPACE+50 - Mr. Hermann OPGENOORTH, Swedish Institute of Space Physics
The need for enhanced information exchange on space objects and events - Mr. Thomas SCHILDKNECHT, University of Bern
Registration of Space Objects with the Secretary-General - Mr. Niklas HEDMAN, UNOOSA
Q & A with audience
Session 5: Capacity-Building for the 21st Century
"Moderator: Mr. Uli BOBINGER, Master of Ceremony / Rapporteur: Mr. Hui DU, UNOOSA, and Ms. Gina PETROVICI, DLR"
Keynote: international & intercultural cooperation in spaceflight for capacity building - Mr. Matthias MAURER, ESA
ZFL of Uni Bonn and UN-SPIDER: Joining forces to enhance the use of space-based information in Africa - Mr. Juan-Carlos VILLAGRAN, UNOOSA / Mr. Klaus GREVE, University Bonn
Space Law Capacity Building in Spain and Latin America - Mr. Rafael MORO-AGUILAR, Florida International University
UNDP - UNOOSA building capacities in partnership - Mr. Bertrand FROT, UNDP
Space 2030 - Space as a Driver for Peace - Ms. Namira SALIM, Spacetrust
My Planet, My Future - Space for the Sustainability: A Unique Proven Tool for National, Regional and Global Capacity Advancement - Mr. Milind PIMPRIKAR, CANEUS / Mr. Joachim POST, DLR
The Space Generation Advisory Council and Capacity Building: From UNISPACE+50 Toward the Space 2030 Agenda - Ms. Clémentine DECOOPMAN, SGAC
ESA Catalogue of activities supporting UN SDGs - Ms. Isabelle DUVAUX-BECHON, ESA / Ms. Funmilayo ERINFOLAMI, African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education
INNOspace - Enabling Innovation and cross-sectoral Cooperation - Ms. Franziska ZEITLER, DLR
Stuttgart University's reliable, high-performance small satellite platform "Flying Laptop" - Ms. Sabine KLINKNER, University of Stuttgart
Capacity Building in Space Technology for Developing Countries - Kenya's Perspective - Mr. John KIMANI, Kenya Space Agency
Models for Universities to Partner with Government and Entrepreneurs to apply space technology in Support of the SDGs - Ms. Danielle WOOD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Space Based Applications: A sustainable Tool for Human to Achieve the SDGs - Ms. Bolo BASUTI, Botswana International University of Science and Technology
Poster Session

THURSDAY, 15 November 2018

Introductory Remarks
Mr. Walther PELZER, Executive Board Member, DLR Space Administration
Ms. Simonetta DI PIPPO, Director, UNOOSA
Mr. Jan WÖRNER, Director-General, ESA
Mr. Stefan KRUSCHKE, Deputy Head Liaison Office for the UN Campus Bonn
HIGH LEVEL PANEL I: Space Economy - Developing Space-Derived Economic Benefits
"Chair: Mr. Oliver HEINRICH, BHO-Legal / Rapporteur: Mr. Hui DU, UNOOSA, and Ms. Scarlet WAGNER, DLR"
Keynote: Mr. Thomas JARZOMBEK, Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace Policy
UAE National Space Programme and Mars Science City - Mr. Salem AL MARRI, MBRSC
Space Big Data for developing countries/Ethiopia - Mr. Shumete GIZAW, State Minister for Science and Technology, Ethiopia
Bartolomeo on the Space Station: Affordable, sustainable and fast economic benefits - Mr. Akos HEGYI, Airbus
The role of Space Technologies in Sustainable Development Support Projects - Ms. Imme SCHOLZ, Representative from German Development Institute
Action Intelligence Policy Platform for Sustainable Development - Mr. Anond SNIDVONGS, GISTDA
Mr. Nuno NUNES, International Organization for Migration
Discussion and recommendations
HIGH LEVEL PANEL II: Space Society - Advancing the Societal Benefits of Space-Related Activities
"Chair: Mr. Juan-Carlos VILLAGRAN, UNOOSA / Rapporteur: Mr. Radu BOTEZ, UNOOSA, and Mr. Joachim POST, DLR"
The pale blue dot - fragile and valuable - Mr. Jan WÖRNER, ESA
Greenhouse Gases Observation from the Space: Japan's Contribution to Implementation of Paris Agreement - Mr. Michihiro OI, Representative Japanese Ministry of the Environment
Exploring the unknown for the benefit of humankind - Mr. Jim GREEN, NASA
Earth observation data for safeguarding the biosphere - new horizons and old challenges - Mr. Christoph HÄUSER, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Galileo and Copernicus: building blocks towards the 2030 Agenda - Ms. Fiammetta DIANI, GSA
Space is where you least expect it! - Ms. Dominique TILMANS, EURISY
Discussion and recommendations

FRIDAY, 16th November 2018

HIGH LEVEL PANEL III: Space Accessibility - Access to Space for All
"Chair: Mr. Kai-Uwe SCHROGL, ESA / Rapporteur: Mr. Aimin NIU, UNOOSA, and Ms. Gina PETROVICI, DLR"
Ms. Tania RÖDIGER-VORWERK, Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development
International cooperation in space: SDG#17 - Mr. Luciano SACCANI, Sierra Nevada Corporation
The Open UNiverse Initiative - Mr. Paolo GIOMMI, ASI
Research and Education at the Bremen Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity - Mr. Claus LÄMMERZAHL, ZARM
Access to space through Kibo utilization - Mr. Norishige KANAI, JAXA
Enhance Space Accessibility, China's Perspectives and Practice - Mr. Haiwen WU, Chinese Permanent Mission
Access to Space Initiative - Ms. Simonetta DI PIPPO, UNOOSA
Discussion and recommendations
HIGH LEVEL PANEL IV: Space Diplomacy - Building Partnerships and Strengthening International Cooperation and the Governance of Space Activities
"Chair: Mr. Niklas HEDMAN, UNOOSA / Rapporteur: Mr. Bernhard SCHMIDT-TEDD, DLR, and Mr. Ian FREEMAN, UNOOSA"
H.E. Gerhard KÜNTZLE, Federal Foreign Office, Germany
Space Diplomacy: promoting the safe and sustainable use of Outer Space to address development challenges - Mr. André RYPL, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brazil
Fine tuning Space 2030: NGOs as Sources and Critics - Mr. Michael SIMPSON, Secure World Foundation
Useful initiatives for taking international cooperation beyond the skies after UNISPACE +50, envisioning the space 2030 Agenda - Ms. Rosa Maria RAMIREZ DE ARELLANO Y HARO, Mexican Space Agency
First fruits of the work of UN COPUOS to develop consensus guidelines for the long-term sustainability of outer space activities - Mr. Peter MARTINEZ, Former Chair COPUOS Working Group on Long-term Sustainability
Space Agenda 2030 - Mr. Dumitru-Dorin PRUNARIU, Romanian Space Agency, Chair of COPUOS Working Group on a Space2030 Agenda
Role of private capital in enabling effective partnerships between established and emerging space nations - Ms. Pontsho MARUPING, South African Council for Space Affairs
Discussion and recommendations
Space research and technology as one of the key drivers for development - Ms. Pascale EHRENFREUND, Chair of DLR Executive Board
Review and Approval of the Recommendations
Concluding Remarks
Ms. Simonetta DI PIPPO, Director, UNOOSA
Ms. Pascale EHRENFREUND, Chair of DLR Executive Board
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