International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Experts Meeting: Global Navigation Satellite Systems Services

15 - 18 December 2015, Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria


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International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG) has taken a leading role internationally to promote collaboration in the utilization of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) services for a range of commercial, scientific and technological applications. Specific areas of interest to ICG and its working groups include compatibility and interoperability, GNSS services performance enhancement, timing and geodetic reference frames, education and training, and global applications. 

In order to increase knowledge and expertise relating to GNSS capabilities and its benefits to the GNSS user community worldwide, we invite you to join the ICG Experts Meeting on GNSS Services. In this meeting, ICG will introduce the scope of its work, aiming at contribution to international cooperation by providing an opportunity to exchange updated information on the use of GNSS technology and its applications. The speakers in this Experts Meeting will come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, and will form a highly knowledgeable team of experts.

One of the potential activities of the ICG is the advocacy of long-term protection of the spectrum reserved for GNSS. Since more and more nations of the world become dependent on GNSS signals, it is necessary to inform and educate national spectrum managers regarding the threat of unwanted interference and detrimental effect that natural and/or unintentional sources of interference can have on reliable use of these signals. Distinguishing the difference between sources of interference is presenting a challenge for user communities.

The ICG Experts Meeting will focus on identifying the needs of users with respect to the compatibility and interoperability of global systems, regional systems, and space-based augmentations providing and planning to provide GNSS services. The detailed information on each ICG Working Group, its activities and recommendations will be the major emphasis of the Experts Meeting. The goal will be to incorporate useful user and application sector views and inputs into the Working Groups work plans.

A one-day and half seminar on GNSS Spectrum Protection and Interference Detection and Mitigation will be held during the ICG Experts Meeting. This seminar will introduce spectrum management and the mitigation of radio frequency interference, collectively referred to here as spectrum protection, for radionavigation satellite systems (RNSS). The seminar will be conducted in coordination with the ICG Working Group on Compatibility and Interoperability and in cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The topics of the seminar will be built from the spectrum experience gained from the development, operation, and use of RNSS. The aspects of RNSS spectrum protection to be addressed include regulatory, technical, operational, and policy.

The Experts Meeting will provide ample time for discussion open to all participants, and networking opportunities, as well as to address in-depth questions and answers on specific topics unique to a particular region.



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