Working Group: Systems, Signals and Services

Working Group Meeting, 4 - 6 December 2017, Kyoto, Japan

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Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

4 - 6 December 2017
Galileo Signal: Galileo I/NAV mid-term updateD. Hayes, European Commission
GLONASS: Improvement of GLONASS accuracy with more stable on-board clocks  - N. Eremenko, Russian Federation
GPS interference test approval process - R. Hamilton, United States of America
GNSS RFI source localization using flight track data and support from GNSS providers - R. Hamilton and K. Alexander, United States of America
Practical estimation of electromagnetic and interference environment at the point of location of measurements in GNSS frequency bands. Recommendation, the current version of the document - S. Kizima, Russian Federation
GNSS interference detection and localization for urban area and critical infrastructure - W. Zhen, W. XIONG and Y. Zhou, China
Report of the IDM Task Force - R. Hamilton, United States of America and W. Zhen, China
Summary of draft changes to GPS SPS PS - A. Hansen, United States of America

Update from the Performance Standards Team - A. Bolkunov, Russian Federation and J. Lavrakas, United States of America

ESA proposal for multi-GNSS ensemble time - MGET - W. Enderle and E. Schoenemann, European Space Agency
GNSS time interoperability based on broadcast time offset parameters - T. Primakina, Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time (RIRT), Russian Federation
Interoperability assessment for the navigation receiver level - S. Silin, Russian Federation
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