Working Group S: Systems, Signals and Services

Working Group Meeting, 6 - 8 November 2018, Xi'an, China

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Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

Presentations made between 6 and 8 November 2018
GNSS interference detection system for aviation in China - W. Zhen, China
Assessment of electromagnetic and interference environment at the point of location of measurement in GNSS frequency bands - S. Kizima, D. Aronov, Russian Federation
Publicizing reports made by the Public about problems experienced with GPS - M. Glander, CGSIC
SAR/GPS III & SAR/GLONASS MEOSAR Downlink RF Interference Summary - L. Mazzuca, United States
Cospas-Sarsat Return Link Service Status - L. Mazzuca, United States
Consideration on WRC-23 Agenda Items - T. Mitome, Japan
WRC-19 agenda item 7, Issue A, non-GSO bringing into use - T. Mitome, Japan
RFC of BeiDou RDSS with Adjacent Systems Services - L. Li, China
Timing Workshop Summary - J. Auerbach, Unites States, X. Lu, China
xGTO Progress on Multi-GNSS Timing Offsets: XGTO, MGET - J. Hahn, D. Blonski, A. Lazzaro, R. Lucas, W. Enderle, E. Schoenemann, ESA
The BIPM support to the GNSS interoperability - G. Petit, P. Tavella, BIPM
GNSS Time Scales Referencing based on Broadcast Data - P. Bogdanov, A. Druzhin, T. Primakina, A. Tiuliakov, Russian Federation
Update of GNSS Time Offsets Monitoring and BDS Time Transfer Experiment - W. Guang, H. Yuan, China
GNSS time interoperability, Estimation of GGTO via GNSS UTC brdc info - J. Delporte, European Union
Recent Progress of iGMAS - i.a. W. Jiao, S. Song, X. Jia, H. Cai, China
Algorithms and Implementation of GNSS Monitoring and Assessment Parameters on iGMAS - X. Jia, X. Lu, X. Ren, China
Status and Progress on ICG IGMA Task Force and Joint Trial Project with IGS - ICG IGMA Task Force
Performance Standards Team - Report to ICG - A. Bolkunov, Russian Federation, J. Lavrakas, United States
Proposal for Version Management for key ICG documents - H. Tork, European Union
"Interoperability - 2030" - Project Implementation and poll results - S. Silin, M. Muravyev, Russian Federation
Interoperability and Service Provision Subgroup Report
Application of IADC and UN Orbital Debris Mitigation Guidelines to Galileo - J. Hahn, ESA
The Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee, An overview of IADC's annual activities - A. Tuozzi, Italy (on behalf of IADC)
Disposal status and operation safety of GNSS/RNSS satellites - J. Zhou, H. Yang, China
IGSO Operation and De-orbit Area vs. GSO Protected Region - M. Gotoh, Japan
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