EUPOS: European Position Determination System

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EUPOS is an international organization of European public institutions related to the development and maintenance of real-time GNSS services. The contributing national GNSS networks - mostly covering Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) - are providing correction data for real-time positioning and navigation, and observation data for geodetic post-processing, fulfilling all positioning requirements. EUPOS acts to elaborate real-time positioning standards, to homogenize the national positioning services to support seamless cross-border applications. EUPOS also acts for the GNSS service providers in international bodies to represent their needs and proposals.

The most important task of EUPOS is to support the realization and maintenance of precise national positioning services based on dense national active GNSS networks. EUPOS members had elaborated commonly defined standards, which then offered for implementation in the national positioning services. Those standards are necessary to maintain homogeneous high quality services and seamless cross-border applications. EUPOS promotes those standards to countries, where the establishment of GNSS production networks is planned or it is on the way. Another important task of EUPOS is to represent the members in international bodies and also act for the common interests in international bodies.

EUPOS's role and the value gained in the ICG

EUPOS is an ICG Associate Member, represented at the ICG meetings and is collaborating in the working groups referring to DGNSS topics and Regional Reference Systems. The most important decisions and issues discussed on the ICG Plenary Meetings are then reported and discussed on the forum of EUPOS main decisive body, the International Steering Committee. EUPOS is being represented by the President of the International Steering Committee Office.

Presentations made in the ICG annual meetings

Year Title and Speaker (link to the presentaion material)
2011 (ICG-6) EUPOS Status - Gerd ROSENTHAL


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