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The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale was founded on 14 October 1905, defining its principal aims as being to "methodically catalogue the best aviation performances achieved, so that they be known to everybody; to identify their distinguishing features so as to permit comparisons to be made; and to verify evidence and thus ensure that record-holders have undisputed claims to their titles."
An international, non-profit-making, non-governmental organisation, the FAI's main aim is the development throughout the world of sport aviation and astronautical activities.
The current statutes describe in detail its specific objectives:
  • to make evident the essentially international spirit of aeronautics as a powerful instrument for bringing all people closer in mutual understanding and friendship regardless of political, racial or religious considerations, thereby helping to create international good will and thus build a better and more peaceful world;
  • to bring together the air sports men and women of the world in international competition;
  • to educate young people through sport in a spirit of mutual understanding and friendship;
  • to coordinate its Members' separate efforts to further aeronautics and astronautics throughout the world;
  • to protect and safeguard the interests of its Members in the use of air space;
  • to provide a forum for the exchange of information and discussion of mutual problems with other elements of civil aeronautics.

FAI's role and the value gained in the ICG

Just over 20 years ago, FAI's gliding section adopted a new concept for flight verification, secure GPS Flight Recorders. That concept has spread throughout much of FAI, with complete reliance on the availabililty, continuity, integrity and accuracy of GPS. The proliferation of other satellite navigation systems is looked upon with favor, as long as there is no reduction in the viability of GPS. Thus, FAI has a major concern that new satellite navigation systems do not interfere in any manner with GPS. As an international forum, ICG is the obvious place for FAI?s more than one millions worldwide members' views to be heard on GNSS compatibility, interoperability and interchangeability.

Presentations made in the ICG annual meetings

Short oral extemporaneous presentations have been made explaining FAI's interest in the work of ICG, including not just for the above-mentioned Flight Recorders, but also for safe aviation navigation.

Publications and reports related to ICG activities and GNSS applications

The FAI receives short reports at its annual meeting from its ICG representative describing the previous year's ICG activities/meetings.

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