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The Arab Institute of Navigation (AIN) is a Nongovernmental, Non-profit Professional Society established in 1978 in Egypt gathering international members for navigation and its related science.
AIN is an active member of the International Association of Institute of Navigation (IAIN) and a remarkable institute among operational international and local bodies in the field of maritime industry work closely with ( IMO) and ( ICAO) and ( ILO) aims to foster human activities at sea, in the air, in the space and land that may benefit from the development of the science and practice of navigation.
Our Vision
Developing a scientific community for all those who are interested or having any activity related to Maritime, Air / Land Navigation and further development, in this context.
Our Mission
  • Following up the latest technologies and the newest achievements in: General Navigation, Electronic Navigation, Satellite Navigation, Satellite Communications, VTS … etc.
  • Being updated to all the scientific and technological developments in the group of sciences that are related directly to Navigation: such as Astronomy, Charts, Oceanography, Electronics and communications.
  • Giving special interest to the Safety of Navigation developments and the safety of off shore units such as: mobile and fixed off shore drilling units and related service marine units.
  • Following the newest trends in the Fire Fighting Equipment and pollution prevention onboard maritime units, keeping the sea safer and cleaner.
  • Establishing a Maritime Library that contains both old and latest reference books and nautical publications related to Navigation and other related sciences.
  • Establishing a Maritime Museum that contains Navigational tools and Instruments.
Our Value
  • Integrity Honesty: to carry out duties and interact with stakeholders with honestly and integrity.
  • Commitment: to demonstrate enthusiasm in all over business relations as we set and meet challenging commitments for self and other.
Our Activities
AIN participated in many projects:
  • European MEDA1 project regards GNSS in MEDA countries (2006-2009).
  • Technical Report of Marine Jetty in Port of Damietta to Export Ammonia. ENDORAM Group(2006).
  • MLC project (2006).
  • Protection of Gulf Suez from Marine Pollution (2004).
AIN organizes international conferences and seminars featuring the best academic research in navigation and publishes the Semi Annual Scientific Journal introduced by experts focused on the developments in Navigation and its related technologies.
AIN was unanimously recognized by the ICG Members as a new observer in this Committee its role in the ICG:
  • The ICG members/associate members and observers should be contacted and informed to be prepared to lead discussions about the Users' Forum and to present their views and recommendations.
  • According to the ICG Mission " encouraging coordination among providers of GNSS, regional systems, and augmentations in order to ensure a greater compatibility, interoperability, and transparency, and to promote the introduction and utilization of these services and their future enhancements, including in developing countries, through assistance, if necessary, with the integration into their infrastructures. Also serving assist GNSS users with their development plans and applications, by encouraging coordination and serving as a focal point for international information exchange" AIN will collaborate its activities with the above missions by organizing a scientific conferences, workshops, seminars and projects dedicated to the advancement of the GNSS science in the middle east especially in Egypt.
As a new observer Member on 2013 a presentation about AIN was presented at the Eighth Meeting of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG), organized by the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 9 - 14 November 2013.

Researches and Scientific Studies related to the ICG activities and GNSS applications

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Books and Teaching Notes in Navigation, Hydrographic Surveying and Traffic Management Systems

Year Description
2006 Satellite and Electronic Navigation, book. Page 360 publisher, Almaarif
2003 Satellite and Electronic Navigation
1993 Navigation Systems and Instruments. 500 pages. Almaarif Est. Alexandria
1988 Electronic Aids to Navigation, 300 pages. Publisher, Almaarif Est. Alexandria


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