Interagency Operations Advisory Group (IOAG)


Observer since 2011
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The IOAG was founded by the Interoperability Plenary (IOP) to:
1. Understand issues related to interagency interoperability and other space communications matters;
2. Identify solutions complying with IOP policies; and,
3. Recommend resolutions to the IOP for specific actions by the IOP.
The IOAG undertakes activities it deems appropriate related to multi-agency space communications. A specific IOAG goal is the achievement of full interoperability among member space agencies. This goal will be obtained by holding periodic meetings in accordance with the procedures set forth in the IOAG Procedures Manual.

IOAG's role and the value gained in the ICG

The IOAG provides inter-agency space communication standards strategies for mission operations, and in their capacity as an ICG Observer, coordinates the benefits of global navigation satellite systems in the realm of space service volume and mission model tables. IOAG's ICG Liaison provides updates and communication between the two organizations, and participates in Working Group B: Enhancement of Performance of GNSS Services.

Presentations made in the ICG annual meetings

Year Title and Speaker
2013 (ICG-8) IOAG Participation in UN International Committee on GNSS (ICG) - Michael SCHMIDT
2010 (ICG-5) Interagency Operations Advisory Group (IOAG) introduction - James MILLER

Publications and reports related to the ICG activities and GNSS applications

The GNSS mission model was sent in support of the ICG-IOAG collaboration.

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