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Note: The views expressed in the webinars and related papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.


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Webinar 18: Space weather activities in Africa: Infrastructure, capacity building, current research efforts and opportunities, Dr. Babatunde Rabiu


Webinar 17: Space Weather Predictability, Dr. Ioannis A. Daglis
Webinar 16: Observation of waves in the ionosphere and thermosphere, Dr. Jaroslav Chum
Webinar 15: In-situ and ground-based studies of plasma irregularities in the polar ionosphere, Dr. Wojciech Miloch
Webinar 14: Considerations on the morphology of coronal mass ejections, Dr. Hebe Cremades
Webinar 13: NASA's Geospace Dynamics Constellation: Exploring our Connected Atmosphere, Dr. Doug Rowland
Webinar 12: Solar Flares and Space Weather, Dr. Lucia Kleint
Webinar 11: Small Scale Ionospheric Irregularities (and their effects on radio wave propagation), Dr. Keith M. Groves
Webinar 10: Understanding Space Weather - an interdisciplinary filed of research, Dr. Manuela Temmer
Webinar 9: Ground-based multi-point network from subauroral to equatorial latitudes by the Optical Mesosphere Thermosphere Imagers (OMTIs) and the PWING Project, Dr. Shiokawa Kazuo
Webinar 8: Realistic Ionosphere (RION): data fusion of GIRO and GNSS nRT capabilities, Dr. Ivan Galkin
Webinar 7: Sun-Earth connections and Space Weather, Dr. Christine Amory-Mazaudier
Webinar 6: Origins of space weather phenomena at the Sun: additional constraints from multi-spacecraft observations and the Solar Orbiter mission, Dr. Miho Janvier
Webinar 5: Dynamical evolution of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections: consequences on geo-space and on galactic cosmic rays, Dr. Sergio Dasso
Webinar 4: Magnetic Storm Intensity and Space Weather; PRESTO Programme, Dr. Ramon E. Lopez
Webinar 3: Large Solar Energetic Particle Events, Pertti Mäkelä
Webinar 2: A Magneto-Inductive Magnetometer System for Boom-less Satellites, Global Magnetometer Networks and Backyard Citizen-Science Space Weather Monitors, Mark Moldwin
Webinar 1: An Overview of ISWI, Nat Gopalswamy



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