Presentations of the Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 25 - 29 October 2021

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Note: The views expressed in the presentations below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations are provided solely for informational purposes.

Welcome and Opening Remarks
N. ANKHBAYAR , State Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mongolian Government, Mongolia
M. BUYANDELGER, General Deputy of the Agency of the Land Management, Geodesy and Cartography, Mongolia
Major-General J. GURRAGCHAA, Cosmonaut, Mongolia
Dr. M. SAANDARI, MonMap LLC., Mongolia
Sharafat GADIMOVA, Office for Outer Space Affairs, United Nations Office at Vienna, Vienna, Austria
GNSS Update and GNSS-based applications
GALILEO, the European GNSS system , Dominic HAYES, European Commission
GLONASS status and prospects of development, Ivan REVNIVYKH, Russian Federation
GPS status, Jeffrey AUERBACH, United States
Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), Gucang CHEN, China
EGNOS performance in Algeria: Real and simulation studies, Lahouaria TABTI, Algeria
Application of BeiDou/GNSS system in spacecraft autonomous navigation, Shuangna ZHANG, China
Adoption of SBAS technology in aviation sector at continental level of Africa, Lasisi Salami LAWAL, Nigeria
GNSS network development in Mongolia, Dalkhaa MUNKHTSETSEG, Mongolia
Space Weather
Space weather and GNSS system, Bin WANG, China
Ionosphere TEC anomalies over Mongolia as detected by GPS observations, Sh. AMARJARGDAL, Mongolia
Tropospheric delay models analysis for NavIC , Shwesta SHAH, India
Multi-scale size ionospheric irregularities impacting signal-in-space performance of satellite-based communication and navigation links, Ashik PAUL, India
Empirical orthogonal function modelling of GPS TEC over Nepal region and comparison with the global GIM and IRI-predicted TEC values, Afsheen AMEER, Pakistan
Seminar on GNSS Spectrum Protection and Interference Detection and Mitigation
Presentations are at the Seminar webpage
High Precision GNSS Positioning
A risk assessment of geomagnetic conditions impact on GPS positioning accuracy degradation in tropical regions using DST index, Nenad SIKIRICA, Croatia
Low-cost high accuracy GNSS receiver system based on QZSS MADOCA signal, Dinesh MANANDHAR, Japan
GNSS CORS network and application in Mongolia, B. MUNKHSAIKHAN, Mongolia
High precision GNSS application in Mingolia mining, Haiming PENG, China
Environment-adaptive GNSS position estimation deployed in distributed GNSS software-defined radio receiver, Renato FILJAR, Croatia
SDR-based GNSS acquisition techniques, Prateek SINGH, India
Geodynamic study in Mongolia based on GNSS, D. ERDENEZUL, Mongolia
Timing, Frequency and Applications
GNSS time and frequency transfer and applications, Thayathip THONGTAN, Thailand
Radio frequency regulation and monitoring in Mongolia, T. NARANMANDAKH, Mongolia
FPGA implementation of a NavIC disciplined 10 MHz reference for SATCOM networks, Kriti KHATRI, India
The use of space-based systems and equipment in air navigation services of Mongolia, B. BOLDBAYAR, Mongolia
Applications of BeiDou System in transportation, Song ZHEN, China
Geodetic Reference Networks
Using the method trilateration for Uzbekistan tectonics, Vazira MAKHAMATOVA, Uzbekistan
A GNSS processing approach to establish a large geodetic network (RGSH2020) for petroleum application, Hicham DEKKICHE, Algeria
Review of continously operating reference stations activities in India: Way forward, Subhalakshmi KRISHNAMOORTHY, India
Application of GNSS for forest surveying and mapping in Indonesia, Emba T. ALLO, Indonesia
GNSS applications: National Programmes and Projects
Construction of an intergrated intelligent supervision platform for Mongolian mining based on BeiDou short messages, Xu LI, China
BeiDou international application - Dam deformation monitoring in Salez lake, Rui TU, China
Employment and use of GNSS in the Republic of Cuba, Rebeca P. BENAVENTE, Cuba
The GNSS landscape in Pakistan, Amer S. AHMAD, Pakistan
Update of BDS/GNSS international education abd capacity building in RCSSTEAP, Jingnong WENG, China
The use of GNSS systems in the geodesy management of the national registry center, Antonia B. M. LOPEZ, El Salvador
A geodesy and positioning thematic layer - identifying tools to connect the GGRF and the United Nations GGIM integrated geospatial information framework (IGIF), Allison CRADDOCK, United States, Graeme BLICK, New Zealand, Ryan KEENAN, Australia, Mikael LILJE, Sweden and robert SARIB, Australia
GNSS applications: Case studies
Information and Communication Technology, K. BATCHULUUN, Mongolia
Education and research activities related to GNSS performed in the graduate program in engineering at INPE, Antonio B. A. PRADO, Brazil
Compact GNSS modules for GNSS research and training, Somnath MAHATO, India
Application of BeiDou in precision agriculture, Caicong WU, China
Assessment of the GPS receiver in the Venezuelan remote sensing satellite to get radio occultation information, Francisco V. MUZZATI, Venezuela

Navigation GNSS surveying introduction, L. BAT-ERDENE, Mongolia and CHC CORS Solution, Chuck CHEN, China

GNSS applications: Reports from the ICG Working Group B Application Subgroup
Introduction of application subgroup activity and goal, MIKAMI Izumi, Japan
GNSS quality control for ITS applications, Rui SUN, China
Application status of Quazi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) in Japan, YASUSHI Sakurai, Japan
EUSPA enabling GNSS applications and monitoring the market and user technology, Marketa GLADISEV, European Union
High-precision BDS/GNSS applications: A UniStrong approach, Jun SHEN, China
GNSS signal authentication applications, Nishkam JAIN and Hem Raj SHAU, India
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