Presentations made at the United Nations International Meeting on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Vienna, Austria, 5 - 9 December 2022


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Online Presentations

Note: The views expressed in the presentations below are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations are provided solely for informational purposes.

GNSS and Satellite-based Augmentation Systems Updates
GPS Programme Update, Chris ERICKSON, United States of America
GALILEO Programme Update, Dominic HAYES, European Union
BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Status and Development, Gucang CHEN, China (online)
International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Sharafat GADIMOVA, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Continental Cost Benefit Analysis for Utilization of GNSS Applications and Implementation of SBAS Services in Africa, Lasisi Salami LAWAL, Nigeria
Augmentation Systems to Improve Navigation Procedures in Low Latitude Region, Jorge GARCIA VILLALOBOS, Peru
Analysis of multi-GNSS data of continuous sites in Indian subcontinent, Chiranjeevi Vivek GANAPA, India (online)
GNSS Applications and Reference Frames Networks
Development of Integrated Technology of GNSS Receiver and Environmental Sensor: Navigation Study of Urban Traffic and Air Pollution in Jakarta, Garrin Alif NANDITHO, Indonesia
GNSS application for Jakarta's Flash Flood Early Warning System, Lin YOLA, Indonesia
DEM Study on Hydrological Response in Makkah City, Saudi Arabia, Mohamed ELHAG, Saudi Arabia
Precise Time and Frequency Measurements and Comparisons using GNSS, Thayathip THONGTAN, Thailand
Keeping PACE with Global Standards - Modernizing the Philippine Geodetic Reference Frame, Almalyn BALLADARES, Philippines
Overview of GNSS Spoofing and Some Test Results of Signal Authentication, Dinesh MANANDHAR, Japan
Seminar on GNSS Spectrum Protection
Presentations made at the Seminar on GNSS Spectrum Protection
10th Interference Detection and Mitigation Workshop
Presentations are available on the 10th Interference Detection and Mitigation Workshop Webpage
GNSS Applications and GNSS Performance
Augmentation Systems and Safety of Life Applications, Todd WALTER, United States of America
Constellation Performance and Monitoring, Todd WALTER, United States of America
Algerian Satellite based Augmentation System based on ALCOMSAT-1: Characteristics and Preliminary Performance Tests, Salem KAHLOUCHE, Algeria
WG-B, Application Subgroup (AppSG) Report on AppSG Activities "GNSS Applications: for Present and Future", GNSS application for SDGs and g-warming, Giovanni LUCCHI, EUSPA
GNSS and UAV's: The emergence of technology and systems: The blurring of boundaries in Space?, Sarah Jane FOX, United Kingdom
GNSS Low-Cost Receivers applications
Performance of Low-Cost GNSS Receivers for Ionospheric Studies, Anton KASHCHEYEV, Canada
On the Performance and Prospects of Low-cost GNSS Receiver in Monitoring Space Weather at African Low Latitudes, Oluwakemi DARE-IDOWU, Nigeria
Low-Cost GNSS Receiver System for High Accuracy, Space Weather and Technology Promotion, Dinesh MANANDHAR, Japan
Space Weather Study through Analysis of Solar Radio Bursts Detected by a Single-Station CALLISTO Spectrometer, Jean UWAMAHORO, Rwanda
Low- Cost Location Accuracy Improvement Solution for Developing Countries, Maria ZUBAIR, Pakistan
GNSS observations for Ionospheric monitoring and modelling
Mitigation of GNSS Ionospheric Effects Using Statistical Learning-based Self-Adaptiveness to Positioning Environment Conditions, Embedded in GNSS SDR User Equipment, Renato FILJAR, Croatia
Development of the new IGS Ionospheric Product - ROTI Maps and its Synergies with the International LOFAR Telescopes, Andrzej KRANKOWSKI, Poland
TEC Variability and Comparison of Models During Solar Cycle 23 and 24 over Equatorial Low Latitude IGS Station, Bangalore (13.02∘ N, 77.57∘ E), Prajakta CHOUGULE, India
GNSS applications: Case Studies
Initial Results of Total Electron Content over Low Latitude Station, Sangli (16o52' N, 74° 34' E), Dadaso SHETTI, India
Ionospheric Total Electron Content Above Ecuador, Ericson LOPEZ, Ecuador
Advances in Space Weather using GNSS in Asia over the past decade, Christine Marie Eugénie AMORY, France
Capacity Building and National Programmes
Space Weather, a Key Vulnerability to GNSS, Zahra BOUYA, Australia (online)
BeiDou/GNSS-based Agricultural Machinery Navigation and Big Data Application, Caicong WU, China (online)
BDS Application in the Transport Industry, Falong LIU, China (online)
BDS/GNSS Instantaneous Decimeter-level PPP Method and Applications: GNSS Research Center, Qile ZHAO, China (online)
GPS, GNSS based Online Data Processing System - MONPOS, Zolzaya LKHAMSUREN, Mongolia
Establishment of GNSS Lab at Pashchimanchal Campus Tribnuvan University, Pokhara, Nepal, Krishna Prasad BHANDARI, Nepal
Capacity Development Activities on GNSS, Otgonjargal TERBISH, Mongolia



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