Technical Advisory Missions


As part of the legal advisory services provided through the Space Law for New Space Actors project, the project conducts technical advisory missions on both the regional and national levels for selected representatives of relevant organizations. These technical advisory missions are tailor-made to raise awareness levels of the fundamental principles of international space law as well as enhance the understanding of the importance of bringing space law and policy into the national context.

Technical Advisory Missions are organized based on the 7 key elements of national space law. 
"Report of the Working Group on National Legislation Relevant to the Peaceful Exploration and Use of Outer Space on the work conducted under its multi-year workplan" of 3 April 2012 (A/AC.105/C.2/101) notes that the following elements could be considered by States when enacting regulatory frameworks for national space activities, as appropriate, taking into account the specific needs of the State concerned:

  • I. Scope of application
  • II. Authorization and licensing of activities of non-governmental entities
  • III. Continuing supervision of activities of non-governmental entities
  • IV. Registration
  • V. Liability and insurance
  • VI. Safety
  • VII. Transfer of ownership

Expected outcomes 

  • Increased awareness of the fundamental principles of international space law.
  • Greater understanding by Member States of their responsibilities and obligations under the established legal framework governing the conduct of activities in outer space (upskilled national experts).
  • Greater acceptance, adherence to, and implementation of the United Nations Treaties on Outer Space.
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