Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements Governing Space Activities

Convention between the European Space Agency and Arianespace on the Ariane Launcher Production Phase
24 September 1992



Article 1 (Object)

In accordance with section II.2 of the Declaration, the object of this convention is to give effect to the provisions of the Declaration and to organise relations between the Agency and Arianespace. In the event of a conflict of interpretation, the provisions of the Declaration shall take precedence over those of this convention.


Article 22 (Liability)

1. Arianespace shall be liable for any damage caused by itself, its employees or persons in its service, or by third parties to the property of the Agency or of the Participants which has been made available to it. The Agency shall remain liable for damage caused by its personnel or persons in its service in carrying out the mission entrusted to it by the Participants.

2. Arianespace shall waive any claim against the Agency for any direct and indirect damage sustained by itself, its employees or persons in its service within the framework of production and of launch of operations while using assets of the Agency or while carrying out an Agency mission. Arianespace shall also guarantee the Agency against claims for compensation brought by such persons in its service.





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