Selected Examples of National Laws Governing Space Activities: Norway




Act on launching objects from Norwegian territory etc. into outer space.

13 June. No. 38. 1969 1


� 1 Without permission from the Norwegian Ministry 2 concerned, it is forbidden 3 to launch any object into outer space from:

a) Norwegian territory, also including Svalbard, Jan Mayen and the Norwegian external territories.
b) Norwegian vessels, aircrafts etc.
c) Areas that are not subject to the sovereignty of any state, when the launching is undertaken by a Norwegian citizen or person with habitual residence in Norway.

Certain terms can be set for such permission as described in paragraph one.


� 2 The Ministry can issue regulations on control etc. of activities as described in � 1.


� 3 This act enters into force immediately.






1. The footnotes are not included in the official law



2. Ministry of Trade and Industry



3. Criminal law � 332. Fines or max 3 mounts in prison.. A general law for violating certain acts or regulations given by the Government. The law applies if you do something without special permission from the Government/Ministry.



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