Selected Examples of National Laws Governing Space Activities: Sweden



Act on Space Activities (1982:963)


Section 1

This Act applies to activities in outer space (space activities).

In addition to activities carried on entirely in outer space, also included in space activities are the launching of objects into outer space and all measures to manoeuvre or in any other way affect objects launched into outer space.

Merely receiving signals or information in some other form from objects in outer space is not designated as space activities according to this Act. Nor is launching of sounding rockets designated as space activities.


Section 2

Space activities may not be carried on from Swedish territory by any party other than the Swedish State without a licence. Nor may a Swedish natural or juridical person carry on space activities anywhere else without a licence.


Section 3

A licence to carry on space activities is granted by the Government.

A licence may be restricted in the way deemed appropriate with regard to the circumstances. It may also be subject to required conditions with regard to control of the activity or for other reasons. Inspection of the space activities of licence holders is exercised by the authority decided by the Government.


Section 4

A licence may be withdrawn if the conditions of the licence have been disregarded or if there are other particular reasons for it.

The Government decides on withdrawal of licences to carry on space activities. Pending a final decision on its withdrawal, a licence may be withdrawn temporarily.


Section 5

Any person who wilfully or through negligence carries on space activities without the necessary licence shall be sentenced to a fine or to imprisonment for at most one year. The same applies to any person who wilfully or through negligence disregards the conditions laid down as a prerequisite for obtaining a licence.

Any person who has committed outside the country a crime as referred to in paragraph one shall be sentenced, if he is in this country, according to this Act and the Swedish Penal Code and at a Swedish court, even though Chapter 2 section 2 or 3 of the said Code is not applicable and notwithstanding Chapter 2 section 5a first and second paragraphs of the said Code. Legal proceedings for a crime as referred to in paragraph one may be taken only with the Government's consent.


Section 6

If the Swedish State on account of undertakings in international agreements has been liable for damage which has come about as a result of space activities carried on by persons who have carried on the space activity shall reimburse the State what has been disbursed on account of the above-mentioned undertakings, unless special reasons tell against this.

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