Selected Examples of National Laws Governing Space Activities: Sweden



Decree on Space Activities (1982:1069)


Section 1

Application for a licence in accordance with the Space Activities Act (1982:963) shall be in writing and submitted to the National Board for Space Activities.

The Board shall consult the telecommunications administration or other national ministries or authorities affected by the application and hand over the issue with comments to the Government.


Section 2

The National Board for Space Activities Act shall exercise control of space activities carried on by those who have licences for such activities.


Section 3

If infringement of the Space Activities Act (1982:963) or of the conditions laid down by virtue of the said Act is suspected, the National Board for Space Activities shall inform the Government.


Section 4

The National Board for Space Activities shall keep a register of the space objects for which Sweden is to be considered the launching State in accordance with Article 1 of the Convention on registration of objects launched into outer space of 14 January, 1975.

If, in addition to Sweden, another State may also be considered a launching State in accordance with the Convention, the space object shall only be registered in Sweden if this has been agreed between the States concerned.

The register shall give

1.   a designation or registration number of the space object
2.   the date and territory or location of launching,
3.   basic orbital parameters, including
a)   Nodal period
b)   Inclination
c)   Apogee
d)   Perigee

The Board shall, through the agency of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, supply the Secretary General of the United Nations with information from the register.

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