Presentations of the UN/Turkey/APSCO Conference on Space Law and Policy

Istanbul, Turkey, 23 - 26 September 2019

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Online Presentations

Note: The views expressed in the presentations below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations are provided solely for informational purposes.

THEME 1: Promoting responsible, peaceful and safe use of outer space
The Case for No Waste: Autonomous Decommissioning Devices as a Requirement for Satellites, an Approach for Europe, Catherine Doldirina, D-Orbit
Legal Resources of Jurisdiction Over Space Object, Guoyu WANG, Beijing Institute of Technology
The Role of International Manuals in Contributing to the Peaceful and Safe Use of Outer Space, Kuan-Wei Chen, McGill University
The Law of Armed Conflict in a Domain for Peaceful Purposes: International Humanitarian Law in Outer Space, Gerardine Goh Escolar, National University of Singapore / Hague Conference on Private International Law
THEME 2: Best Practices in Sharing Remote Sensing Data
Remote Sensing Data Policies and the Sharing of EO Data for Non-Commercial Purposes, Dimitra Stefoudi, Leiden University
Environmental Applications of Remote Sensing, Nazli Can, Istanbul Technical University
Best Practices in Sharing Remote Sensing Data to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, Orkun Hasekioglu, United Nations Technology Bank, TUBITAK
THEME 3: Legal Regime of Outer Space and Global Governance
The Guidance Document in Support of Global Space Governance, Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd, DLR
Deficiencies and Pressing Issues in the Existing Legal Regime of Outer Space, Christopher Johnson, Secure World Foundation
Space Governance: the Role and Contribution of International Intergovernmental Organisations, Marco Ferrazzani, ESA
Space Law, Air Law, Telecommunications Law: Elective Affinities and Fundamental Differences, George Kyriakopoulos, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic
Harmonised System of Secured Transactions Law for Space Assets - The Space Protocol of the Cape Town Convention, Hamza Hameed , UNIDROIT
The Exploration, Exploitation and Utilization of Space Resources: Legal and Policy Issues, Steven Freeland, Western Sydney University
Moon Agreement: Establishment of a Legal Regime that Regulates the Exploitation of the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, Rosa Ma Ramirez de Arellano y Haro, Mexican Space Agency
Space Mining: Social and Legal Challenges, Resat Volkan Gunel, Yakindogu University
The Hague International Space Resources Governance Working Group and the Space Resources Debate, Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Leiden University
THEME 4: Long-term sustainability of outer space activities
Small Satellite Activities and Long-Term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities, Hamid Kazemi, Aerospace Research Insititute, Iran
International Cooperation and Sustainable Development in Outer Space: China as an example, Yun Zhao, The University of Hong Kong
Rule of Law Ensures Long Term Sustainable Development of Outer Space Activities, Jilian Wang, China Academy of Space Technology
Addressing the Management of Outer Space Through Antarctic Experience, Merve Erdem, Ankara University
Liability Issues in Current Space Activities, Evolution or Revolution? Armel Kerrest, University of Western Brittany
THEME 5: Strengthening capacity-building in space law and policy
Space Law for New Space Actors: Fostering Responsible National Space Activities, Yukiko Okumura, UNOOSA
Capacity-Building Approach for Space Laws and Policies for (Emerging) African Countries, Magda Cocco, VdA Lisbon
Leveraging Space Law Capability for New Space Actors in Asia-Pacific, Phee Choosri, GISTDA
APSCO's Approach to Capacity-Building in Space Law and Policy, Mohammad Ebrahimi Seyedabadi, APSCO
Moving from Encouragement to Facilitation through Capacity-Building: Ensuring Next Generation Participation in Space Policy Decisions, Charles Mudd, Mudd Law Firm
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