Third ICAO/UNOOSA Aerospace Symposium

29 August 2017 - 31 August 2017, Vienna, Austria

This Symposium concludes the series of three ICAO and UNOOSA Aerospace Symposium. The first was held in Montreal, Canada in 2015, and the second in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2016.

This third Symposium will provide participants with perspectives on latest trends in aviation, space activities, commercial space transportation and suborbital operations and also sustainability of aerospace activities.

The Symposium in 2017 will provide participants with perspectives on, inter alia:

  • latest trends in aviation, space activities, commercial space transportation and suborbital operations;
  • sustainability of aerospace activities;
  • regulatory and practical perspectives for aerospace operations and cooperation with aerospace stakeholders; and
  • air traffic management and future space traffic management.
  Panel Themes
Theme1 Uniting the Aerospace Community and International Aerospace Aspiration and Innovation Showcases
In this panel, the latest trends in aviation, commercial space transportation and suborbital operations will be demonstrated in order to enhance the understanding of the wide range of activities in the aerospace sector. The panel will provide the basis for the subsequent panels with the aspiration of promoting closer partnerships between public and private actors in the overall aerospace community.
Theme2 Practices in Aerospace Activities and Cooperation with Stakeholders
This panel will address contemporary and future cooperative endeavours, such as in the development of ground infrastrctures to accommodate commercial space transportation and emerging sub-orbital operations. This panel will also address the emerging cooperation between governments and the industry on commercial perspectives and opportunities to engage in public-private partnerships in the aerospace field. Efforts to facilitate compatibility and interoperability of space port infrastructures will be addressed.
Theme3 Regulatory, Operational and Practical Perspectives of Aerospace Activities
This panel endeavours to foster a better understanding on legal and regulatory mechanisms under international air law and international space law. The panel will address factors that impact aerospace operations, in order to ensure the safe and sustainable operation of civil aviation, suborbital operations, and space activities. Regulatory perspectives for the purpose of promoting reliable, consistent and predictable frameworks at the national level will be explored .
Theme4 Perspectives on Air Traffic Management and Future Potential Space Traffic Management
In this panel air traffic management will be addressed in comparison with elements to possibly constitute future space traffic management. An important component will be how sub-orbital operations may affect activities in airspace and in outer space. The impact of small satellite launches and deployment and future mega-constellation projects will also be addressed. Possible gaps in air law and Space Law in ensuring sustainability of aerospace activities will also be addressed. 
Theme5 The Way Ahead - Concepts for Evolution in Aerospace Regulation and Operation, Looking Ahead Towards a Broader Aerospace Community
This panel will outline the ways and means to strengthen comprehensive capacity of new stakeholders to enlarge the aerospace community and intensify its activities. One key objective will be to study opportunities of relevant stakeholders with regard to the competencies necessary for the future of commercial space industries, and assess capacity-building needs. Trends in the aerospace sector will be studied, including sharing experience on the protection of communication and navigation systems and critical infrastructures, in order to assess where further efforts are desired within the broader aerospace community.
Theme6 Roundtable Discussion on the Way Ahead and Observations of the Symposium
  Observations and Outcomes of the Symposium



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