Space for Agriculture and Food Security

The 9th  open informal session on "Space for Agriculture and Food Security" was held on 9 March 2012 in Rome in conjunction with the 32nd session of the United Nation Inter-Agency Meeting on Outer Space Activities.

The session was organised by the Office for Outer Space Affairs in cooperation with the World Food Programme of the United Nations (WFP).

A wide range of topics related to the use of space technology for agricultural monitoring and food security was covered in presentations made by representatives of the World Food Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization, European Commission Joint Research Centre, e-Geos, GSAT, European Space Agency, Italian Space Agency and the Italian Agency for Agricultural payments.

Draft Agenda

Online Presentations

World Food Programme: Applications of Remote Sensing to Food Security Analysis at WFP
Food and Agriculture Organization: Remote Sensing application for agricultural monitoring
World Food Programme: Space information for enhanced risk management, food security and resilience
European Commission Joint Research Centre: Crop Monitoring and Food Security: the JRC action and prospect
e-Geos: Geospatial information Services, Optical and CosmoSkyMed satellite data supporting food
quality and security
Agenzia per le Erogazioni in Agricultura: The multisource Remote Sensing activity for the agricultural monitoring and the EU CAP
subsidy controls in Italy
GSAT: Agriculture change assessment in Yemen and Somalia
European Space Agency: ESA Satellite Data for Agriculture
Agenzia Spaziale Italiana: Space for agriculture monitoring

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