World Space Week 2015 Exhibition - "The Force of Nature in Mexico, as seen from space"

An exhibition hosted by the Mexican Space Agency in the Vienna International Centre, 5 to 9 October

In order to raise awareness of the benefits of space for humankind during the UN-declared World Space Week, the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs is hosting an exhibition by the Mexican Space Agency in the Rotunda of the Vienna International Centre entitled "The Force of Nature in Mexico, as seen from space".

The Mexican Space Agency, in cooperation with governmental entities specialized in disaster management, developed a series of 20 panels featuring how Earth observation is used in disaster management. Some panels illustrate some of the main disasters in Mexico, i.e. floods, hurricanes, and forest fires, along with their case studies. This exhibition also shows the Mexican government initiatives through international collaboration which have enhanced the uses of satellite technology for the benefit of society.

The exhibition is based on scientific research on the most relevant study cases of natural disasters in Mexico in the last five years. This research covers mainly the post disaster cycle and analysis of radar and optic satellite images or all disaster management.

The exhibit presents the satellite imagery value chain, showing the role of the satellite provider and the impact on the end user to address efficiently disasters.

Details of the opening ceremony for this exhibition will follow soon.

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Photos will be available on our website soon.

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