Notifications from States & Organizations: 2024

Information received in accordance with the Registration Convention has been issued by the United Nations in the ST/SG/SER.E document series.

Information provided in accordance with General Assembly resolution 1721 B (XVI) has been issued in the A/AC.105/INF. series.

Note: Parentheses contain notifying States or Organizations.

* denotes a registration submission that is being processed by the United Nations Secretariat.

Registration Submissions under Article IV of the Registration Convention


Notifications of the establishment of national registries under Article II of the Registration Convention

  • ST/SG/SER.E/INF/44* (Armenia)
  • ST/SG/SER.E/INF/39/Add.1* (Indonesia)


Registration Submissions under General Assembly resolution 1721B (XVI)


Notifications under Article XI of the Outer Space Treaty 

  • A/AC.105/1319 (United Kingdom)
  • A/AC.105/1320 (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  • A/AC.105/1321 (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  • A/AC.105/1323* (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  • A/AC.105/1184/Add.1* (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  • A/AC.105/1185/Add.1* (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  • A/AC.105/1324 (USA)


Other Notifications


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