United Nations/UNESCO/Saudi Arabia International Conference on the Use of Space Technology for Water Management

12 April 2008 - 16 April 2008

1. Using space technologies to assist in the water management to increase water resources and mitigate water related environmental problems such as drought, flood, and pollution. Topics will include: rain water harvesting methods, ground water recharge storage basin, sedimentation control in surface water systems, exploration and assessment of ground water, and water demand management in urban areas.
2. using space technology to detect archaeological water systems such as canat that can be inspired for modern day use to satisfy our needs for water. Those ancient water systems were designed to efficiently deliver large quantities of subterranean water to the surface and allows water to be transported long distances in hot dry climates without losing a large proportion of the source water to seepage and evaporation. The Conference will explore such ancient systems using space technologies such as remote sensing, and how these systems can be used to satisfy modern need of water, particularly to improve land use and agriculture activities, and to increase the search for surface or underground water sources. This is with the effort of linking traditional and ancient methods to modern needs.


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