HyperGES Rounds

3rd Round: Closed for Applications

Press Release: Team from University of San Carlos and Holy Name University of the Philippines selected for HyperGES programme (31 January 2024)
Press Release: UNOOSA and ESA open new round of applications to conduct hypergravity experiments (31 May 2023)

3rd Round Schedule

Opened for Application: 31 May 2023, see presentations/recordings of the event from here
Announcement of Opportunity webinar: Monday 26 June 2023, see presentations/recordings from  HyperGES webinars
Deadline for submitting the Expression of Interest Form:  30 July 2023 23:59 Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)
Deadline for submitting the Application Form:  12 November 2023 23:59 Central European Time (UTC+1)

Announcement of Opportunity Documents

Reference Materials

Previous Rounds

The 2nd round of HyperGES opportunity opened in May 2022 and closed in November 2022.  Teams from Universidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo" of Bolivia and Macau University of Science and Technology of Macao, China, were selected as the awardees in the 2nd round.

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The Winner of the 1 st round is the team from Mahidol University, Thailand. The title of the project is "Watermeal, the Future Food Source for Space Exploration", which is to study the effect of hypergravity on watermeal, the smallest and fastest-growing flowering plant on Earth. It will help unlock various possibilities for future application of the plant as a food and oxygen source for space exploration and on the other planet which may have higher gravity than on Earth.

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