Technical Presentations made at the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

The following presentations were made at the sessions of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.


Sixty-seventh session (2024)

Thursday, 20 June 2024 AM

Mr. Amit Kshatriya, United States of America

Space sustainability: a perspective from a French data services provider
Mr. Thierry Balanche, France

Astra Carta: A roadmap for sustainability in space, and using space for sustainability on Earth
Ms. Jennifer Jordan-Saifi and Ms. Tanya Ristoff, the United Kingdom


Thursday, 20 June 2024 PM

Introduction of Korea Aerospace Administration (KASA)
Mr. Kwanwoo Jung, Republic of Korea

Cooperative remediation of massive derelicts - Now is the time to begin
Mr. Chuck Dickey, Mr. Guoyu Wang, Mr. Valentin Uvarov, Three Country-Trusted Broker (TCTB)


Friday, 21 June 2024 AM

Reentry of space debris into the atmosphere
Ms. Hannah Browne, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)


Friday, 21 June 2024 PM

India's science missions- Chandrayaan-3 & Aditya L1
Mr. Shantanu Bhatawdekar, India


Monday, 24 June 2024 AM

Cultural heritage's role in maintaining peaceful purpose
Mr. Gregory Radisic, For All Moonkind


Monday, 24 June 2024 PM

An innovative satellite-based approach to urban heat island in cities [PRE-RECORDED]
Mr. Deodato Tapete, Italy

State space monitoring in Uzbekistan
Mr. Mukhiddin Ibragimov, Uzbekistan


Tuesday, 25 June 2024

Italian approach to Moon exploration [PRE-RECORDED]
Mr. Raffaele Mugnuolo, Italy

Bioregenerative life support systems: how space technologies will benefit agriculture and sustainability on Earth [PRE-RECORDED]
Ms. Sara Piccirillo, Italy

China's remote sensing promotes global disaster mitigation & response [PRE-RECORDED]
Mr. Meng Lingjie, China


Wednesday, 26 June 2024

United Nations/Germany  World Space Forum 2024
Mr. René Kleeßen, Germany

Empowering development: JICA's space cooperation with emerging nations
Mr. Tomohiro Ogawa, Japan

Making space for the SDGs: NASA Earth science to action  
Mr. Lawrence Friedl, United States of America 

The Spanish space agency
Mr. Juan Carlos Cortés Pulido, Spain

National space policy update process
Mr. Rainer Rapp, Chile  

India's space exploration roadmap 
Mr. Victor Joseph T, India  

Models of public funding for the Brazilian space sector  
Mr. Osório Coelho Guimarães Neto , Brazil  

Harnessing space technology for water resources and water-related disaster management in Indonesia  
Ms. Erna Sri Adiningsih, Indonesia  

Supervision shapes order, order brings development
Mrs. LI Xiaohong, China  

Creation of space-based applications across disciplines and regions  
Mr. Naohiko Kohtake, Japan 

Access to Space for All: news and updates  
Mr. Luc St-Pierre , Office for Outer Space Affairs  

Implementation mechanisms for the 'Pact for the Future' 
Mr. Milind Pimprikar, CANEUS

ESPI research on international space debris mitigation instruments: Key findings
Mr. Alberto Rueda Carazo, European Space Policy Institute (ESPI)

Marine environmental effects of jettisoned waste from commercial spaceflight activities [PRE-RECORDED]
Mr. Andrew Birchenough, International Maritime Organization (IMO)

United Nations Global Service Center (UNGSC) - Analytics and Location Intelligence Unit: remote sensing analytics for Environment, transhumance and groundwater [PRE-RECORDED]
Ms. Mariangela Noviello, Ms. Judit Lakatos, Mr. Davide Barbiero, United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC)

The second International Moon Day results and outlook for 2024 [PRE-RECORDED]  
Mr. Nasr Al-Sahhaf, Moon Village Association (MVA)  

Peaceful uses of Earth observation: Uses cases across ESCWA member states [PRE-RECORDED]
Ms. Amal Iaaly, Mr. Ahmed Al-Awah, Ms. Samah Abdel Rahman, Mr. Soheil Rastan, Ms. Stephanie Labaki, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA)

Climate change & lunar exploration interaction [PRE-RECORDED]  
Ms. Cristina Star, Moon Village Association (MVA)  


Sixty-sixth session (2023)

Wednesday, 31 May 2023 PM  

G20 and Space Cooperation to Develop an Accessible, and Self- Sustaining Space Economy

M. Pimprikar (CANEUS International)


Access to Space for All initiative Expert Meeting

H. Mori (UNOOSA)


INNOspace® Network Space2Agriculture: German support of the Sustainable Development Goals and facilitating Cross-Industry Innovation based on Space Technology

R. Ghosh (Germany)

Thursday, 1 June 2023 AM  

Strengthening the Space Value Chain with Copernicus Sentinel Data

R. Aranas (Philippines)

Thursday, 1 June 2023 PM  

Kibo Robot Programming Challenge, KiboCUBE, and more - UNOOSA/JAXA Education Programs on the ISS "Kibo",

T. Fumiaki (Japan)


Contribution to the Long-Term Space Sustainability (LTS) of the National Space System of Chile

H. Tello (Chile)


Satellite technology for climate resilience: the Eurisy engagement in supporting climate resilience measures

A. Vernile (EURISY)

Friday, 2 June 2023 AM  

中国航天国际合作未来展望 , China's Space Cooperation: Future Plans and Prospects

D. Shuai (China)


Satellite meteorology and oceanography in India

S. Bhatawdekar (India)


Emerging Space ecosystem in India

J. Calvin (India)


You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure: How Next-Generation Satellites Can Provide the World With Critical Data to Adapt to a Changing World

S. Drobot (United States)

Friday, 2 June 2023 PM  

A Journey to the Moon by Korea

C. Jin ( Korea Aerospace Research Institute )


National Cislunar Science & Technology Strategy

M. Daniels (United States)


The Lunar Commerce Portfolio Report

G. Gautel (Moon Village Association)

Monday, 5 June 2023 AM  

Progress Report on APRSAF's Initiatives for Enhancing Space Policy and Law Capacity i n the Asia-Pacific Region

Y. Tateshita (Japan)


Maritime Lessons f or Removal or Salvage of Orbital Debris and Repair or Enhancement of Spacecraft

A. Anzaldúa (NSS)

Monday, 5 June 2023 PM  

Space Traffic Monitoring - Raven Telescope

H. Tello (Chile)


International Lunar Research Station (ILRS)

Z. Hu (China)


Frozen Ground Monitoring from Space

A. Bartsch (Austria)


Using Earth Observation when assessing environmental, social, policy and technical factors to support sustainable development

D. Wood (United States)

Tuesday, 6 June 2023 AM  

Korean Astronomical Facilities & Activities for Research on Space and Universe

N. Hwang (Republic of Korea)


Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

Y. Chen (China Satellite Navigation Project Center)

Tuesday, 6 June 2023 PM  

Luigi Broglio - Malindi Space Centre International Cooperation, Past, present and future Activities

M. Jahjah (Italy)


Legal and Ethical Context for the Utilization of Resources in Outer Space

M. Hanlon (For All Moonkind)


First International Moon Day Results and Outlook for 2023

N. Al-Sahhaf (Moon Village Association)


TCTB: Facilitating Cooperative Remediation of Massive Derelicts

C. Dickey (United States), V. Uvarov (Russian Federation), G. Wang (China)

Wednesday, 7 June 2023 AM  
The missing D in Diversity: Addressing disability inclusion through the UNOOSA Space for Persons with Disabilities project



Integration of geospatial information for sustainable development: practices of ESCAP

K. Wang (ESCAP)


IAA activities in support of future COPUOS and its Sub-Committees agendas

M. Piso (IAA)

Wednesday, 7 June 2023 PM  

APSCO's Initiatives in Space Exploration- Moon and Beyond



Space Law for New Space Actors in Chile

M. Tobar (Chile)


Space4All Research & Capacity Building: EuroMoonMars , EuroSpaceHub , Space Renaissance

B. Foing

Thursday, 8 June 2023 AM  

Promote the Modernization of Aerospace Industry System through Open, Shared and Inclusive Development

H. Zhang (Beijing Institute of Aerospace Information)


ROK's Satellite-based Disaster Response and Land Management

S. Park (Republic of Korea)

Thursday, 8 June 2023 PM  

Chilean Space Governance

M. Tobar (Chile)

For All Humanity: Implementing NASA's Artemis Missions

C. Koerner (United States)


Result of UN/ROK 'Space4Women' Expert Meeting in 2022

S. Chung (Korea)


Sixty-fifth session (2022)

Wednesday, 1 June 2022 PM

Micro-Space Debris Detection with ADLER-1
G. Groemer (Austria)

CONAE y el Plan Espacial
R. Kulichesvky (Argentina)

Copernicus contribution to global efforts on monitoring C02 emissions
H. Zunker (European Union)

Benefits of Space Solar Power
K. Dillon (National Space Society)

Thursday, 2 June 2022 AM

Progress Report on APRSAF's Initiatives for Enhancing Space Policy and Law Capacity in the Asia-Pacific Region
Y. Tateshita (Japan)

Russian New Generation VLBI Network
D. Ivanov (Russian Federation)

New X-ray map of the Universe with the SRG Observatory
A. Romanov (Russian Federation)

Safety Norms for Space Security: how the development of norms can strengthen the peaceful purposes principle
L. Cesari Zarkan (SGAC)

Thursday, 2 June 2022 PM

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Application Cases Sharing
X. Lu (China)

Progress and Plans for Deep Space Human Exploration
J. Free (United States of America)

The Impact of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test
L. Johnson (United States of America)

Esrange - The most versatile space center in the world. New Services to enable a sustainable future
S. Gustafsson (Sweden)

Mapping Collision Risk in Low-Earth Orbit
D. McKnight (United States of America)

Friday, 3 June 2022 AM

Projection of the national space system
H. Tello (Chile)

Lunar Polar Mission LUNA-25
A. Romanov (Russian Federation)

BITDN Flagship Project: BRICS State Global Optical Telescope Network
A. Romanov (Russian Federation)

Current status of SCOSTEP's PRESTO program for predictability of the variable solar-terrestrial coupling
K. Shiokawa (SCOSTEP)

Friday, 3 June 2022 PM

El Programa de Educación de CONAE
M. Oglietti (Argentina)

Russian Cuban Observatory: Objectives, Instruments and Tasks
A. Romanov (Russian Federation)

Space Technology Contribution to Sustainable Development in Iran
Y. Dehghan Soraki (Iran (Islamic Repubic of))

SGAC Space Exploration Project Group, assuring adiverse, sustainable and exciting future for space exploration in the future through the eyes of the next generation
B. de Winter, N. Haghgoo (SGAC)

Monday, 6 June 2022 AM

'JAXA Sustainable Space Principles' - JAXA's contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
I. Kuriyama (Japan)

India's Earth Observation Application on National Development and Governance
J. Mathew (India)

Disaster Monitoring and Construction of Spatial Information Using Korea Land Observation Satellite Images
S. Yi (Republic of Korea)

A United Voice for the Youth in Space Policy and Advocacy: Introducing the Space Generation Advocacy and Policy Platform (SGAPP)
G. Rotola (SGAC)

Monday, 6 June 2022 PM

HERA Mission: Three-dimensional vision processing and visualization methods to analyze the DART impact on Dimorphos
G. Paar (Austria)

El Proyecto SAOCOM como motor de creación de capacidades nacionales
F. Hisas (Argentina)

Real-Time Earth Observation for Responsive Disaster Management
O. Koudelka, M. Kerr (Austria)

The First International Moon Day
G. Reibaldi, N. Al-Sahhaf (Moon Village Association)

The Imperative to Protect Cultural Heritage in Outer Space
B. Cunningham (Moon Village Association)

The Iranian CanSat Competition
M. Talafi Noghani (Iran (Islamic Republic of))

Capacity Building for a Nascent Space Industry
J. Leur D. Labrador (The Philippines)

Tuesday, 7 June 2022 AM
LEO Mega-Constellation is Deeply Changing Space Activities of the World
R. Cui (China)
Protecting the Outer Space Environment Contributes to Sustainable Space Activities
L. Quan (China)
Space Observatory for Climate Change and Response in China
Z. Li (China)
Progress of China's Deep Space Exploration
R. Yang (China)
Tuesday, 7 June 2022 PM
Satellite Application in Emergency Management in China (2021-2022)
L. Liu (China)
Innovative, Cross-cutting, Advanced, Space Technology Training Program for Developing Countries
A. Romanov (Russian Federation)
Assessment of the Consequences of Cosmic Bodies Falling to Earth
A. Romanov (Russian Federation)
New Methods of the Evolution of Atmospheric and Climate Systems Analysis and Prediction Based on the Satellite Observations
A. Romanov (Russian Federation)
Lunar Polar Mission LUNA-25
A. Romanov (Russian Federation)
Wednesday, 8 June 2022 AM
The E.T.PACK project: a technological solution for the space debris proliferation problem
G. Sánchez Arriaga, L. Tarabini Castellani (Spain)
Capacity building activities in the field of Space in India - An update
S. Kumar (India)
GEMS Application Plan for Climate Change Research
S. Kim (Republic of Korea)
Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO): ROK's First Lunar Mission
D. Kim (Republic of Korea)
Wednesday, 8 June 2022 PM
Lunar Oasis - Architectural Visions for an Integrated Habitat
S. Häuplik -Meusburger, P. Caratelli (Austria)
Natural Hazards Monitoring by Using Zhengheng-1 Electromagnetic Satellite and GF Remote Sensing Satellite
Z. Zeren (China)
Opportunities and Practices to Enhance Space Safety and Sustainability
D. Wood (United States of America)
The Italian scientific research activity in the Minerva mission
L. Parca (Italy)
Space for Food Security
J. Ruiter (The Netherlands)

Remote Monitoring Systems to Study Marine Ecosystems
A. Romanov (Russian Federation)


Sixty-fourth session (2021)

Wednesday, 25 August 2021 PM
IADC activities overview and latest updates of IADC documents
M. Metz (Germany)
On-orbit services to enable a thriving, resilient and sustainable Space industry
L. Piguet (Switzerland)
'Skypollution' How artificial light and satellite networks are impacting our night skies and research
S. Wallner (Austria)
UNISEC-Global initiative on government policies in support of space education
Q. Verspieren (UNISEC-Global)
Thursday, 26 August 2021 AM
Progress and International Cooperation of China Manned Space Program
Y. Lu (China)
Interference on Global Navigation Satellite System and its Joint Solutions
Y. Fang (China)
Recent Indian Space Missions
R. Umamaheswaran (India)
Challenge accepted -unlocking the power of virtual events and digital tools for capacity building amongst the global space generation
V. Carter-Cortez (SGAC)
Thursday, 26 August 2021 PM
The Chilean Space Program, opportunities for cooperation and development
H. Tello (Chile)
Friday, 27 August 2021 AM
Space-based information for Emergency Management in China
L. Liu (China)
China Geophysical Field Satellite Program: Achievements and Prospects
X. Shen (China)
JAXA's initiative to mitigate Space Debris for Safety Satellite Operations: RABBIT (Risk Avoidance assist tool based on debris collision probability)
Y. Akiyama, A. Uemoto, S. Nakamura (Japan)
Friday, 27 August 2021 PM
The Role of Space in Understanding Climate Change and Informing Decisions
K. St. Germain (USA)
UAE Space Exploration Efforts
H. Almazmi (UAE)
A Global Initiative to Integrate Indigenous Knowledge with Frontier and Space Technologies based Solutions for Building Diverse and Resilient Food System
M. Pimprikar, S. Ravan, Ch. Biradar, G. Muyuy (CANEUS International)
Monday, 30 August 2021 AM
The European Union Space Programme - Overview
A-Ch. Koch (European Union)
Geospatial and the World Environment Situation Room: Environmental Data and Knowledge for Peace Development and Humanitarian Action
A. Caldas (UNEP)
Space Environment Effects on Spacecraft and how to Response
K. Wang (China)
International Lunar Research Station Guide for Partnership
H. Jiang (China)
Monday, 30 August 2021 PM
Perspectives from the United States on Coexistence (and Sustainability) of Large Satellite Constellations and (Terrestrial) Astronomy
A. Vanderley, T. Jones (USA)
Results of the OPS-SAT nanosatellite mission
O. Koudelka (Austria)
Moon Village Association contribution to peaceful and sustainable lunar activities
G. Reibaldi, A. Nasseri (Moon Village Association)
Tuesday, 31 August 2021 AM
Progresses and future of China's Space Science Missions
X. Dong (China)
Kibo-ABC activities on the ISS "Kibo" for STEM education and SDGs contribution in the Asia-Pacific region
F. Tanigaki (Japan)
Highlight on Indian space science exploration programme
T. P. Das (India)
Update on India's Earth Observation Systems
S. Bhatawdeker (India)
Tuesday, 31 August 2021 PM
Artemis Program Heliophysics Science and Instruments on Gateway
James Spann (USA), L. Surdo (ESA)
ITU WRC-23 - Protection of Radar Frequencies
R. Ewald, M. Betmann (Germany)
Regional Eurasian Space Educational Centre, affiliated to the United Nations
K. Porvatov, I. Ivanov (Russian Federation)
The use of satellite information in Solving problems of ensuring water security
V. Polyanin, E. Ret (Russian Federation)
History Ignites Exploration and Innovation
B. Cunningham (For All Moonkind)
Wednesday, 1 September 2021 AM
The Philippine Space Agency: Using Space Technology in Response to the Changing Climate
G. Perez (Philippines)
UAE Space and Climate Change
A. Almarar (UAE)
SCOSTEP and its PRESTO program for predictability of the variable solar-terrestrial coupling
K. Shiokawa (SCOSTEP)
Next generation's recommendations and call for action for gender equality and diversity in the space sector
Y. Akisheva (SGAC)
Wednesday, 1 September 2021 PM
SAOCOM Mission & International Cooperation (La misión SAOCOM y la cooperación internacional)
R. Kulichevsky (Argentina)
Copernicus in support of conflict prevention in the Sahel - Environmental-related transhumance patterns and the risk for farmer-herder conflicts
J. Franke, M. Schwarz, D. Jusselme, E. Zambrano (Germany)
It is time for Commercial / Civil Space Solar Power
J. C. Mankins, G. P. Barnhard (National Space Society)

Sixty-second session (2019)

Wednesday, 12 June 2019
Extending human presence into the solar system
K. Bowersox (USA)
Commercial space debris removal service for the long-term sustainability of space
N. Okada (Japan)
Thursday, 13 June 2019
Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research of Sustainable Space FORESAIL (2018 - 2025)
M. Palmroth (Finland)
ISAS/JAXA deep space fleet cut into the solar system
H. Kuninaka (Japan)
ActInSpace 2020
G. Prigent (France)
RadarSat Constellation Mission
K. Chan (Canada)
Space Security Index
J. West (Canada)
UN/Jordan Workshop
A. Alghrair (Jordan)
Harnessing human history in space to sustain future exploration
N. Molina (For All Moonkind)
Friday, 14 June 2019
IAASS, 15 years of achievements
I. Rongier (IAASS)
PRISMA, the Italian hyperspectral mission
F. Longo (Italy)
Inspiring stars: Astronomy for inclusion
P. Benvenuti & W. Diaz Merced (IAU)
Recent Indian Space Missions: Update as of June 2019
R. Umamaheswaran (India)
UNNATI: First batch feedback and 2nd batch announcement
P. Nair (India)
UNOOSA 2018 Annual Report
O. Pesce (UNOOSA)
Monday, 17 June 2019
JAXA's Lunar Exploration Activities
A. Kosaka (Japan)
ArgoMoon and LICIACube: Italian cubesats for international cooperation
S. Pirrotta (Italy)
First Space Summit 2020: building space development from the South
L. Saez (Chile)
UN/Germany HLF 2018 - a short review
B. Schmidt-Tedd (Germany)
The Copernicus Academy - Space Hub for Knowledge Exchange, Innovation and Outreach
S. Lang (Austria)
Space Science and Technology Initiatives of the Philippines
A. E. Retamar (Philippines)
China Space: Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals
Jiang H. (China)
Tuesday, 18 June 2019
SSC exploiting innovative opportunities helping earth benefit from space
S. Gustafson (Sweden)
UAE National Space Programme
S. Al Marri (UAE)
Delimiting, dissuading and deflating conflicts: Preserving outer space for peaceful purposes
B. Goswami and R. Jakhu (IAASS)
Convergence of space-derived data and information with NN based AI and blockchain for sustainable development
M. Pimprikar (CANEUS)
Korea remote sensing activities on arctic: Collaboration between KOPRI and KARI
H. Kim (Republic of Korea)
Open-design CubeSats for earthquake prediction and tsunami early-warning and their university-originated satellite construction observation
M. Kamogawa (UNISEC-Global)
Introduction on China Space Foundation
Wang C. (China)
Space Generation Fusion Forum 2019 outcomes
Matteo Cappella (SGAC)
Wednesday, 19 June 2019
UNISEC-Global Challenge - for sustainable university space activities
R. Kawashima (UNISEC-Global)
Indian space science missions: Serving global scientific community (including MOM, ASTROSAT & Venus AO)
P. Sreekumar (India)
Institutional Internationalization Project at INPE: Novel opportunities for academic and research cooperation (external link)
A. Cursino Thomé (Brazil)
Private sector partnerships powering the future
M. Gold (USA)
Chandrayaan-2: India plans to land on the Moon
P. Kunhikrishnan (India)
EO for disaster and risk management - The SPEAR project and how it supports the UN-SPIDER programme
K. Greve (Germany)
A handbook for post mission disposal of satellites less than 100kg
R. Laufer (UNISEC-Global)
CANEUS contribution to UNFCCC 2030 vision and proposed role of space technology for regenerative climate-resilient future
M. Pimprikar (CANEUS)
Thursday, 20 June 2019
Spin-off benefits of the Indian Space Programme
U. Sreerekha (India)
SEROSAT/INGENIO - Spanish National Earth Observation Satellite
C. Cataño Climent (Spain)
Tackling Space Debris - European and international measures for a sustainable use of outer space
J. Wörner (ESA)
Recent satellite mission SAOCOM
S. Torrusio (Argentina)
PSIPW 8th Award Ceremony
A. Al Shaikh (PSIPW)
Update on ISRO's International cooperation: Joint Missions, payloads, data sharing, partnership with non-space-faring nations
P. Kunhikrishnan (India)
Status and Future Prospect of China Deep Space TT&C Network
Li H. (China)
Realizing the Moon Village: Participation of emerging space countries [Kuwait]
L. Aloraiman (SGAC)

Sixty-first session (2018)

Friday, 22 June 2018
ISEF2 and Beyond - towards International Space Exploration
M. Shozaki (Japan)
EvIDENz: Earth Observation based information products for drought risk reduction on the national level
V. Graw (Germany)
Construction and Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
Lu X. (China)
Monday, 25 June 2018
UAE Space Policy Alignment with Long Term Sustainability
S. Al Hajeri (UAE)
The use of ASPOS OKP System in the interests of ensuring the safety of space operations and increasing awareness about the situation in high orbits
V. Agapov (Russian Federation)
U.S. National Space Traffic Management Policy
K. Hodgkins (USA)
An Institute for Space Debris Prevention and Control
M. Skinner (IAASS)
Global Antenna Sharing Project for achieving Sustainable Development Goals
A. Rüstem Aslan (UNISEC-Global)
New Efforts of Asia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF)
A. Kosaka (Japan)
Tuesday, 26 June 2018
UNISEC-Global Challenge: 2030-ALL
R. Kawashima (UNISEC-Global)
Water from space: a Chilean perspective
A. Valenzuela Quinteros (Chile)
Enhancing existing Capacity Building partnerships and forging new ones
G. Agbaje (ARCSSTE-E)
ASI's survey to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs
N. Paradiso (Italy)
Development of Green Rocket's Propellant in Poland
A. Okniński (Poland)
Japan's contribution to disaster management in the Asia and the Pacific region through international cooperation by applying Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation ("GSMaP")
T. Miyoshi (Japan)
Wednesday, 27 June 2018
First Results of the AMADEE-18 Mars Landing Simulation in the Omani Desert
R. Albrecht (Austria)
L. Napier (SGAC)
A Hellenic Academic Research Initiative for the Manned Exploration of Mars: Projects on Habitats and Analogue Rock Sites
K. Oungrinis & I. Baziotis (Greece)
China's Cooperation Plan on Lunar and Deep Space Exploration
Wang F. (China)
Thursday, 28 June 2018
A Joint Italian-Kenyan Post Graduate Course as a Tool for Capacity-Building in Aerospace
F. Santoni (Italy)
A Nanosatellite Mission for Passive Reflectometry and Dosimetry
O. Koudelka (Austria)
UNESCO World Water Quality Portal powered by satellite remote sensing
T. Heege (Germany)

Sixtieth session (2017)

Thursday, 8 June 2017
Space Security Index 2017: Trust, Transparency, Accountability
J. West (Canada)
ESPI and international cooperation activities
A. Froehlich (ESPI)
S. Brosh-rechav (Israel)
Massive Collision Monitoring Activity: Examining Urgency and Options for Debris Remediation
D. MacKnight (IAASS)
Contribution of UNISEC-Global to Capacity Building in Space Engineering
R. Kawashima (UNISEC-Global)
Operation and Development of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System
Ma J. (China)
V. Gudnov (Russian Federation)
Friday, 9 June 2017
ITALY IN SPACE: From the Malindi Base to the Space Economy
M. Onofri (Italy)
World Space Week
G. Nikolasevic (WSWA)
Capacity Building for Satellite Technology through UN/JAPAN Long-Term Fellowship Programme
M. Cho (Japan)
South Asia Satellite - a new approach to regional cooperation
M. Annadurai (India)
Monday, 12 June 2017
Open Universe Initiative: Progress Report
P. Giommi (Italy)
DIAS-PF: Global Environmental Information Platform Development and Promotion Program - A Contribution to UN's SDG's
J. Inoue (Japan)
Recent achievements of the Algerian Space Program
A. Oussedik (Algeria)
ESA Catalogue of activities supporting UN SDGs
I. Duvaux-Bechon (ESA)
On the Development of the UN Regional Centres
Weng J. (China)
Tuesday, 13 June 2017
Cassini's Grand Finale
D. Schurr (USA)
Space for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
C. Mukai (Japan)
ASI's commitment in promoting space knowledge and culture
G. Arrigo (Italy)
Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water: Meet the Winners of the 7th Award
A. A. Al-Alshaik (PSIPW)
Interactive visual exploration of Big Data from space astronomy missions
A. Moitinho de Almeida (Portugal)
Austria in Space
S. Mayer (Austria)
Belarusian Space Related Projects in the Framework of Joint Space Programme "Monitoring-SG"
A. Belotserkovsky (Belarus)
nSight-1 a Reliable nano-satellite platform for Remote Sensing Capacity Building
S. Mostert (South Africa)
Wednesday, 14 June 2017
Practices on Using Space-based Information for Disaster Risk Management of China
Li S. (China)
The United States and the commercial space industry - Partners in innovation and exploration
C. Schenewerk (USA)
Space and Major Disasters
C. Lee (UK)
UAE Space Policy Efforts Towards Long Term Sustainability of Space Activities
N. Alrashedi (UAE)
The Latest Progress, Future Planning and International Cooperation of China's Human Space Program
Lin X. (China)
Future Exploration Mission of ISRO
M. Annadurai (India)
Resseaux de bornes actifs et passifs au Burkina Faso: Défis et perspectives
Bako F. (Burkina Faso)
Space for SDGs: A Global Partnership
Meeting of Regional Centres (for Space Science and Technology Education, affiliated to the United Nations), 13-14 June 2017
Draft Agenda
Updates on ARCSSTE-E's Activities (1998 -2017)
G. Agbaje (ARCSSTEE)
CRASTE-LF African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education, in French Language
A. Emran (CRASTE-LF)
CSSTEAP Current Activities and Future Plans
S. Kumar (CSSTEAP)
J. Guichard (CSSTEAP)
Introduction to the UN Regional Centre in China (RCSSTEAP)
On the Development of the UN Regional Centres
Proposal for the Establishment of the UN Regional Centre Alliance
Promoting Best Practices for effective Hands-on and Distance Learning Programs in future for Space Science and Technology Education
S. Kumar (CSSTEAP)
Common issues of the Regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education: opportunities and challenges, how to address them jointly
S. Camacho (CRECTEALC)
Thursday, 15 June 2017
India's International Cooperation in Earth Observation Missions
M. Annadurai (India)
Adverse impacts of climate changes on Egypt
A. ElNahry (Egypt)
Next Generation Perspectives
M. Rathnasabapathy (SGAC)

Fifty-ninth session (2016)

Wednesday, 8 June 2016
Follow-up on COP21: Space Endeavor towards Climate and Growth
J.L. Le Gall (France)
The Progress of Beidou Satellite Navigation System
Ma J. (China)
Thursday, 9 June 2016
Information Platform on Objects and Events in Space
V. Shilin (Russian Federation)
Sustainable Development in Egypt
A. El Nahry (Egypt)
Space Security Index
J. West (Canada)
Student Activities in Space: Nano-Satellites, Experimental Rockets and Mission to the Moon
C. Plasounig (Austria)
UN-SPIDER+10 Anniversary Conference (7-8 June 2016): Enhancing the resilience of nations through use of space-based information
L. St-Pierre (UNOOSA)
Friday, 10 June 2016
Open Universe Initiative
P. Giommi (Italy)
UN/Japan Long-term Fellowship Programme on Nano-Satellite Technologies
G. Maeda (Japan)
Education Under the United Nations/Japan (PNST) Program: Perspectives of a Graduate
H. Almubarak (Sudan)
Monday, 13 June 2016
Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and Pacific (China) Website and its Working Progress
Weng J. (China)
The International Mars Analog Research Program of the Austrian Space Forum
G. Grömer & R. Albrecht (Austria)
Italian contribution to Space Exploration through ALTEC
V. Giorgio (Italy)
Minoo Rathnasabapathy (SGAC)
KiboCUBE - UNOOSA/JAXA Cooperation Programme on Deployment of CubeSat from the ISS "Kibo
H. Akagi (Japan)
Space for Sustainable Development
S. Ferretti (ESPI)
Tuesday, 14 June 2016
DLR Climate Change Conference 2016 in collaboration with UNOOSA - outcomes and next steps
H. Dittus (Germany)
Journey to Mars via Global Space Collaboration
D. Newman (USA)
Supporting Disaster Management and Enhancing Cooperation through APRSAF: Sentinel Asia
A. Suzuki (Japan)
China Manned Space Programme: its Achievements and Future Developments
Wu P. (China)
A Well-rounded Approach to the Global Dimension of Space: ASI- SIOI - ISGI-CNR Master's course in Institutions and Space Policiess
A. Iob & S. Chiale (Italy)
Wednesday, 15 June 2016
IKUNS: A University Nano Satellite in support of Italian-Kenyan cooperation in space activities
S. Pirrotta (Italy)
Proposal to create an office for outreach activities on the UNOOSA platform
L. Larry (Costa Rica)
NavIC - Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System
M Annadurai (India)
Thursday, 16 June 2016
Crowdsourcing new business ideas from Space technology: the L.I.V.E Glacier Case in the NASA App Challenge
P. Belingheri (Italy)
ASTROSAT - India's Space based Astronomical Observatory
M. Annadurai (India)

Fifty-eighth session (2015)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015
The Italian Contribution to Space Exploration
J. Sabbagh (Italy)
Japan's Human Space Activity 30-Year History
C. Mukai (Japan)
Operation and Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
Lu X. (China)
Thursday, 11 June 2015
Thailand Space Technology Advancement
S. Purivigraipong (Thailand)
Space Security Index
A. Jaikaran (Canada)
World Space Week
M. Mendes (World Space Week Association)
BepiColombo: the Italian Instrument
E. Flamini (Italy)
Preliminary Suggestions for International Cooperation on Chang'E-4 Lunar Probe
Xu Y. (China)
Friday, 11 June 2015
Launching a New UN-Japan Cooperation Programme 'Kibo-CUBE': Invitation to CubeSats Deployment into Orbit from the Japanese Experiment Module 'Kibo' of the ISS
H. Tani (Japan)
Projet ResEAU: Production d'un atlas hydrogéologique tchadien de référence à partir d'images satellitaires optiques et radars
M. Bünzli (Switzerland)
SGAC: Next Generation Perspectives from UNISPACE III to Now
M. Rathnasabapathy (Space Generation Advisory Council)
Monday, 15 June 2015
Use of space technology inputs for sustainable development in India: An Update
V. K. Dadhwal (India)
United States National Academy of Science and its Space Policy and Programmatic Advisory Role
M. Moloney (USA)
Tuesday, 16 June 2015
The Role of Industry in Space: A Shifting Paradigm
S. Magnus (USA)
Use of space technology inputs for climate change studies in India
V. K. Dadhwal (India)
The Hubble Space Telescope: 25 Years of Cosmic Discovery
J. Wiseman (USA)
Lunar Mission One
D. Iron (UK)
Wednesday, 17 June 2015
Space-based Technology for Water: ASI Activities and Achievements
V. La Regina (Italy)
China Manned Space Program
Zhang X. (China)
Progress report of RCSSTEAP China
Weng J. (China)
Utilizing space and GIS applications for effective disaster risk management-ESCAP's practices in Asia and the Pacific
K. Wang (ESCAP)
Thursday, 18 June 2015
Japan's contribution to Post-MDGs through Earth Observation
C. Mukai (Japan)
Simultaneous observed ionospheric disturbances and abnormal animal behavior previous to increased seismic activity
J. Raulin (Brazil)
Space Life science: the fallout on Earth
V. Zolesi (Italy)
Example of Canadian Spin-Offs and Spin-In from Space Technologies
J. Chouinard (Canada)
Space Education for Young People
J. Courteille (France)

Fifty-seventh session (2014)

Wednesday, 11 June 2014
Future of space industry business in Thailand and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
A. Snidvongs (Thailand)
Powerpoint Presentation
Thursday, 12 June 2014
The Science Data Centre of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) as a modern multi-discipline data center supporting long-experienced as well as emerging countries in the field of space science
P. Giommi (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
Capacity-building workshops on the prevention of, and response to natural disasters in Mesoamerica
R. Williamson (Secure World Foundation)
Powerpoint Presentation
DLR contributions to global challenges focussing on humanitarian applications
J. Wörner (Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
The contributions of Chilean satellite "Fasat-C" to the development of Chile
J. Reyes (Chile)
Powerpoint Presentation
Chinese Lunar Exploration Programme
W. Zhao (China)
Powerpoint Presentation
OPS-SAT - an advanced nanosatellite mission by European Space Agency
O. Koudelka (Austria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Friday, 13 June 2014
New era of global monitoring by ALOS-2: Advanced Land Observing Satellite-2 "DAICHI-2"
Y. Suzuki (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space activities and regulatory framework of Luxembourg - An overview in relation to the application for membership in the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
P. Goerens (Luxembourg)
Powerpoint Presentation
50 years of European cooperation in space
J. Bigot (European Space Agency)
Powerpoint Presentation
The Space Generation Fusion Forum 2014: report and highlights
A. Jaime (Space Generation Advisory Council)
Powerpoint Presentation
Preparedness plan for space hazards in the Republic of Korea
E. Choi (Republic of Korea)
Powerpoint Presentation
Monday, 16 June 2014
Indian experience in use of Earth observation inputs for resource consideration and development planning
V. K. Dadhwal (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
China's space policy, legislation and international cooperation
X. Ma (China)
Powerpoint Presentation
Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) activity in the Asia-Pacific region for the next decade
A. Suzuki (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Research on space law in China
J. Su (China)
Powerpoint Presentation
Tuesday, 17 June 2014
The future of human spaceflight: celebrating Apollo and looking to Mars
A. Drew (United States of America)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Security Index 2014
C. Jaramillo (Canada)
Powerpoint Presentation
Use of Earth Observation data for emergency management and situation awareness
D. Grandoni (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
The effect of the criterion value of single entry interference on the efficiency of use of the geostationary satellite orbit resource
M. Simonov (Russian Federation)
Powerpoint Presentation
Wednesday, 18 June 2014
Use of Earth observation data for water resources assessment and management in India
V. K. Dadhwal (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Presentation of the CORS network
S. Tiemtore (Burkina Faso)
Powerpoint Presentation
'Japanese Style' Contribution on the International Space Station
C. Saito (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
China Manned Space Programme
Q. Ji (China)
Powerpoint Presentation
Water resources management using remote sensing techniques
O. Ammal (Syria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Thursday, 19 June 2014
Promoting regional cooperation for effective use of space technology for sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific
S. N. Sirimanne (ESCAP)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space infrastructure development for social needs
S. Cabrera Alvarado (Mexico)
Powerpoint Presentation

Fifty-sixth session (2013)

Thursday, 13 June 2013
Changing the perspective: atmospheric research on the ISS
H. Dittus (Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
Japanese international cooperation
T. Murakami (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Security Index 2013
C. Jaramillo (Canada)
Powerpoint Presentation
20 years of history and future of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF)
A. Suzuki (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
The latest development of Beidou Global Navigation Satellite System
Lu X. (China)
Powerpoint Presentation
Friday, 14 June 2013
Italian Master Course in Space Institutions and Policies
V. Pontetti and A. Rossi (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
Japan's contributions to the International Space Station (ISS)
M. Matsuura (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
National Space Program of the Republic of Belarus
A. Tuzikov (Belarus)
Powerpoint Presentation
Satellite Miranda
V. Cano (Venezuela)
Powerpoint Presentation
Recent space activities in Turkey
E. Koytak (Turkey)
Powerpoint Presentation
The state of utilization of space technologies by the National Weather Service of Tunisia
A. Hmam (Tunisia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Monday, 17 June 2013
Japanese proposal on Space and Sustainable Development
T. Nishinaga (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Indian earth observation, space science and planetary missions: status 2013
V.K. Dadhwal (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Tuesday, 18 June 2013
Technology transfer and space business start-up in Italy
B. Pernice (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
Japan's contribution to space weather - research and applications
T. Obara (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space activities of Saudi Arabia
H. Altwaijry (Saudi Arabia)
Powerpoint Presentation
MERLIN (Methane Remote Sensing Lidar Mission) - a joint mission by France and Germany
J. Courteille (France) and C. Lechtenbörger (Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
Crisis of floods and mines - Iraq 2013
Essa Al Fayadh (Iraq)
Powerpoint Presentation
Wednesday, 19 June 2013
SCOSTEP Variable Sun and its Terrestrial Impact (varsiti)
N. Gopalswamy (SCOSTEP)
Powerpoint Presentation
C. Kawamoto (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
The current status of the education and research on space law in China
Wang G. (China)
Powerpoint Presentation
CONACYT network for space science and technology development
S. Santillán (Mexico)
Powerpoint Presentation
Report of the 2nd Space Generation Fusion Forum
A. Jaime (SGAC)
Powerpoint Presentation
Benefits of space technologies in Burkina Faso: the case of urban planning
F. Bako (Burkina Faso)
Powerpoint Presentation
Spatial information to support Burkina Faso's integral municipalization in the climate change context
R. Bayala (Burkina Faso)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space observation for governance and empowering citizens in India
V. Dadhwal (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Deflecting hazardous asteroids from collision with the Earth by using small asteroids
N. Eismont (Russian Federation)
Powerpoint Presentation

Fifty-fifth session (2012)

Thursday, 7 June 2012
Japanese International Cooperation
T. Iwasa (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Identification and evaluation of flooded areas using remote - sensing and geographic information systems (GIS)
R. Urbina (Ecuador)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Security Index 2012
C. Jaramillo (Canada)
Powerpoint Presentation
Friday, 8 June 2012
Japanese Satellite Challenge to the Global issues
T. Iwasa & M. Murayama (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
CleanSpace One
V. Gass (Switzerland)
Powerpoint Presentation
Beidou: Bring the world and China to your doorstep
J. Lu (China)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Weather Activities at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
P. Beck (Austria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Japanese Satellite Challenge to the Global issues
T. Fukuda (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Monday, 11 June 2012
GNSS education experience in Italy
F. Dovis (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
The 28th National Space Symposium - Supporting UNCOPUOS Objectives at the Premier Space Gathering
S. Eisenhart (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space-based geospatial information development in Indonesia
E. Sri Adiningsih (Indonesia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Satellite applications in support of international cooperation for maritime safety and security: BluemassMed experience
C. Matarazzi (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
Safe and reliable navigation of vessels in ocean, coasts and harbours areas based on GNSS and its augmentation systems
T. Noack (Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
Work of the Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP)
M. Shephard
Powerpoint Presentation
Tuesday, 12 June 2012
Establishment of the International Center for Space Weather Science and Education at Kyushu University, Japan
T. Hada (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Megha Tropiques
V. Koteswara Rao (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Wednesday, 13 June 2012
International Cooperation Among ISS Partners and Japan's Contribution and Activities
S. Kamigaichi (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space-based data for climate change and Earth observation in Indonesia
E. Sri Adiningsih (Indonesia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Thursday, 14 June 2012
ASI Educational activities
G. Galoforo (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
S.K. Shivakumar (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Results from the Inaugural Space Generation Fusion Forum -- The Fusion of Today's International Space Leaders with
the Next Generation

A. Cornell (SGAC)
Powerpoint Presentation
Micro/Nano-satellite Activities by Japanese Universities and Vision towards International Contribution
S. Nakasuka (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Technology Application for Disaster Reduction in China
C. Li (China)
Powerpoint Presentation

Fifty-fourth session (2011)

Thursday, 2 June 2011
Effectiveness of satellite data for disasters - the Great East Japan Earthquake
Mr. Yasushi Horikawa (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Chilean Space Agency: Activities and International Cooperation 2010-2011
Mr. Juan Fernando Acuña Arenas (Chile)
Powerpoint Presentation
Satellite-based operational monitoring of the environment in Mexico government
Mr. Michael Schmidt (Mexico)
Powerpoint Presentation
Friday, 3 June 2011
Space and Education
Mr. Leland Melvin (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Mexican Space Agency
Mr. Fermín Romero Vázquez (Mexico)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Biology Group: Research and Space Support Centre
Mr. Marcel Egli (Switzerland)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Medicine: from the flight of Yuri Gagarin up to interplanetary expedition
Mr. Alexander Alferov (Russian Federation)
Powerpoint Presentation
World Space Week Report and Recognition
Mr. Dennis Stone and Mr. Sam Hutchinson (WSWA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Biology Group: Research and Space Support Centre
Mr. Marcel Egli (Switzerland)
Powerpoint Presentation
Monday, 6 June 2011
Operational services based on space data in support of seismic risk management
Mr. Stefano Salvi (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
The International Space Station
Ms. Lynn Cline (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Example of the application of satellites under the Great East Japan Earthquake and others
Mr. Takao Akutsu (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Human space flight
Mr. Scott Pace (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Weather & Space Debris Awareness in Indonesia
Ms. Clara Yono Yatini (Indonesia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Colombian Space Commission: A strategy for the sustainable development of Colombia
Mr. Ivan Dario Gomez Guzman (Colombia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Tuesday, 7 June 2011
Bridging space and the society - Recent educational activities in Japan
Mr. Takao Akutsu (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Global Space System of the Seismic Activity Monitoring
Mr. Oleksandr Dehtiarev (Ukraine)
Powerpoint Presentation
The Australian Space Research Program
Ms. Michele Clement (Australia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Security Index 2011
Mr. Cesar Jaramillo (Canada)
Powerpoint Presentation
Contribution to monitoring climate change through JAXA's earth observation missions
Mr. Takao Akutsu (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
100th Anniversary of Academician Mikhail Yangel, Missile and Space Systems Chief Designer
Mr. Oleg Ventskovs'kyy (Ukraine)
Powerpoint Presentation
PSIPW in its 5th Award - Invitation for Nominations
Mr. Ali-Wafa A. Abu-Risheh (Saudi Arabia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Wednesday, 8 June 2011
Italian contribution to Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-2)
Mr. Roberto Battiston (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
About the IGMASS Project promotion in the Year of half-century Anniversary of the First Manned Flight
Mr. Sergey Chercass (Russian Federation)
Powerpoint Presentation
Monitoring of 2010 Floods in Pakistan using space-based assets
Mr. Arshad Siraj (Pakistan)
Powerpoint Presentation
The Climate Regional Readiness Review (Climate R3)
Ms. Michele Clement (Australia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Results of the 2011 IAA Planetary Defence Conference
Mr. William H. Ailor (IAA)
Powerpoint Presentation
he Space Generation Working Groups: Input from the Next Generation of Space Sector Leaders on the Development of Space
Ms. Ariane Cornell (SGAC)
Powerpoint Presentation
Thursday, 9 June 2011
RESOURCESAT-2: Continuing global services in Earth observation
Mr. V. S. Hegde (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
IAA 50 Years Anniversary and Heads of Space Agencies Summit
Mr. Claudio Maccone (IAA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Google Lunar X Prize, una oportunidad para que Chile participe en la exploración espacial
Mr. Klaus Von Storch (Chile)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space and water: benefitting agriculture in India
Mr. D. Gowrisankar (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Debris Mitigation: Russian Experience
Mr. M. Yakolev (Russian Federation)
Powerpoint Presentation

Fifty-third session (2010)

Earth observation, climate change, disaster management, search and rescue, tele-education & other space application
Activités de la Tunisie dans le domaine Satellitaire relatives aux réseaux des Télécommunications
Mr. Tarek Kéchida (Tunisia)
Powerpoint Presentation
NASA Technologies: For the Benefit of All Mankind
Mr. Doug Comstock (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Activités Spatiales du Centre National de la Cartographie et de la Télédétection
Ms. Thourya Sahli (Tunisia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Use of space based information for seismic risk management: an Italian Space Agency pilot project
Ms. Simona Zoffoli (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
Fifty Years of Operational Environmental Satellites: The U.S. Experience
Mr. Charles Baker (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
The Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing on Climate Change and Food Security in Indonesia
Mr. Erna Sri Adiningshi (Indonesia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Mission Objectives and Current Status of GOSAT (IBUKI)
Mr. Yasushi Horikawa (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Japanese Contribution for Disaster Management Support
Yasushi Horikawa (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Bringing Space to Canadian Classrooms
Ms. Anne-Marie Lan Phan (Canada)
Powerpoint Presentation
OCEANSAT-2: Meeting Global Demand
Mr. V.S. Hegde (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Geospatial Data Utilizing For Complex Diagnosis Of Earthquake Precursors
Mr. Alexander Romanov (Russian Federation)
Powerpoint Presentation
Volcanic ash layers over Europe - Airborne observations with the DLR Falcon research aircraft in April/May 2010
Ms. Bernadett Weinzierl (Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
Building Peace in Young Minds through Space Education
Mr. Yasushi Horikawa (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation How community remote sensing can help to improve global land cover
Mr. Steffen Fritz (Austria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Education: International Outreach Activities of India
Mr. D. Gowrisankar (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
International Global Monitoring Aerospace System - New Approach to the Disaster Management Issue
Mr. Sergey Cherkas (Russian Federation)
Powerpoint Presentation
Asteroids, near earth objects, planetary defence, space debris & space situational awareness
Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
Ms. Susan Helms (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Astronomy, basic space science, planetary exploartion and space weather
Proposing a New Radio-Quiet Zone on the Farside of the Moon
Mr. Claudio Maccone (IAA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Gamma-Ray astronomy on the way to uncover the mystery of Dark Matter of Universe
Mr. Arkadiy Galper (Russian Federation)
Powerpoint Presentation
International Year of Astronomy 2009: Achievements, Legacy and way forward
Mr. Pedro Russo (UNESCO)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space policy, conferences, education, outreach & other
Recent Developments in the Field of Space in Turkey
Mr. İlter Haliloğlu (Turkey)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space in Chile: Past, Present, Future
Mr. Juan Acuña (Chile)
Powerpoint Presentation
NASA Today and Tomorrow
Ms.Lori Garver (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Security Index
Mr. Cesar Jaramillo (Canada)
Powerpoint Presentation
Italian Master in Space Policy and Institutions
Ms. Nunzia Maria Paradiso and Mr. Iacopo Tani (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
V Conferencia Espacial de las Américas: Concertación Regional Espacial para la seguridad y el desarrollo humano. Perspectivas a futuro
Mr. Fernando Suarez (Pro Tempore Secretariat of the Fifth Space Conference of the Americas)
Powerpoint Presentation
Global Lunar Conference
Mr. Lipeng Zhou (China)
Powerpoint Presentation
The Space Generation Congress 2009: Perspectives from University Students and Young Professionals in the Space Sector
Ms. Ariane Cornell (SGAC)
Powerpoint Presentation
Societal Applications of Indian Space Programme: An Update
Mr. D. Gowrisankar (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Initiatives at the Center for Strategic and International Studies
Ms. Ashley Bander (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety
Mr. Joseph Pelton (IAASS)
Powerpoint Presentation
JAXA industrial collaboration
Mr. Satoru Otake (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
An Introduction to the Space Foundation
Mr. Brendan Curry (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation

Fifty-second session (2009)

10th anniversary panel discussion on UNISPACE III
The Path Towards UNISPACE-III
Mr. U. R. Rao (India)
The unique organizational aspects of UNISPACE III
Mr. Sergio Camacho (Mexico)
Powerpoint Presentation
UNISPACE III: Ten years on
Ms. Mazlan Othman (UNOOSA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Round table on "Astrophysics and Cosmology 400 Years after Galileo"
At the Edge of Space and Time: The ESA Planck mission
Mr. M Bersanelli (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
The Violent side of the Universe: Highlights from ESA's High-Energy Astronomy Missions
Mr. P. Kretschmar (ESA)
Powerpoint Presentation
A Perspective for the future: The ESA Cosmic Vision Programme
Mr. J. Clavel (ESA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education
Status report on the operation of the Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in the Asia and Pacific region (CSSTEAP)
Mr. George Joseph (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Status report on the operation of the African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology - in French Language (CRASTE-LF)
Mr. Abderrahmane Touzani (Morocco)
Powerpoint Presentation
Status report on the operation of the African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education - in English Language (ARCSSTE-E)
Mr. Joseph Akinyede (Nigeria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Status report on the operation of the Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (CRECTEALC)
Mr. Sergio Camacho (Brazil/Mexico)
Powerpoint Presentation
Earth observation, climate change, disaster management, search and rescue & other space applications
Promoting Disaster Reduction through Multi-National Cooperation in Asia region
ADRC Activities

Mr. Naoki Yamaguchi (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Small Satellite Constellations for Environment and Disaster Monitoring and Forecasting (SSCEDMF)
Ms. Zhou You (China)
Powerpoint Presentation
Sustainable Development in and through Space: Governance, Financing and Education Issues
Ms. Ashley Bander (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Application of satellite remote sensing for monitoring of crops and environment
Mr. Imran Iqbal (Pakistan)
Powerpoint Presentation
International Charter - Space and Major Disasters
Mr. Gabriel Platzeck (Argentina)
Powerpoint Presentation
Assessment of damages and cartography of levels of danger through high-resolution images: case of flooding in Ghardaia
Mr. Aboubekr-Seddik Kedjar (Algeria)
Powerpoint Presentation
GEOSS for Climate : Activities and achievements
Mr. Giovanni Rum (GEO)
Powerpoint Presentation
DLR's Earth Observation Activities for Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Mr. Hannes Taubenböck (Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Technology for Climate Change: India's Initiatives
Mr. D. Gowrisankar (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Overview of IBUKI,the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT)
Mr. Kazuhiro Miyazaki (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space technology to support sustainable development of Colombia
Mr. Ivan-Dario Gomez (Colombia)
Powerpoint Presentation
COSMO-SkyMed: potentialities for monitoring and management of natural environment
Ms. Gemma Manoni (Italy)
Powerpoint Presentation
Operational use of space-derived geospatial data: the key role of GEOSS
Mr. Giovanni Rum (GEO)
Powerpoint Presentation
Uses of Outer Space for Scientific Aims in Turkey
Mr. Ibrahim Küçük (Turkey)
Powerpoint Presentation
Update on COSPAS-SARSAT Programme Activities
Ms. Yana Gevorgyan (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Science of Advanced Materials in Space with Spin-off Applications on Earth
Mr. Nurcan Bac (Turkey)
Powerpoint Presentation
The Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW)
Mr. Ali-Wafa A. Abu-Risheb (Saudi Arabia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Building Peace in Young Minds through Space Education: Contributions of JAXA Space Education Center to Human Development
Ms. Takemi Chiku (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Four Dimensional Digital Universe Viewer "Mitaka"
Mr. Tsunehiko Kato (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space and Climate in Indonesia: Status and Challenges
Mr. Erna Sri Adiningsih (Indonesia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Asteroids, near earth objects, planetary defence, space debris & space situational awareness
Asteroid Threats: A Call for Global Response
Mr. R. Schweickart (ASE)
Powerpoint Presentation
ESA's Space Situational Awareness NEO Programme
Mr. Detlef Koschny (ESA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Iridium-Cosmos satellite collision
Ms. Susan Helms (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Consequences of the Collision of Iridium 33 and Cosmos 2251
Mr. Nick Johnson (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Astronomy, basic space science, planetary exploartion and space weather
Chandrayaan-1: Mission and scientific achievements
Mr. S.K. Shivakumar (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Astronomy, The Great Canary Telescope and Dark Skies
Mr. Jose Miguel Rodriguez Espinosa (Spain)
Powerpoint Presentation
Solar Mission 'Coronas-Photon': scientific objectives and first observational results
Mr. Jury Kotov (Russian Federation)
Powerpoint Presentation
From Quarks to the Universe - the Big Bang in the Lab
Mr. Thomas Naumann (Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
International Activities of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Mr. Mark Maurice (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space policy, conferences, education & outreach
International Astronautical Congress 2009
Mr. Heung-Sik Choi (Republic of Korea)
Powerpoint Presentation
3rd African Leadership Conference on Space Science and Technology for Sustainable Development
Mr. A. Kedjar (Algeria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Report on the workshop on the efficient use of the spectrum/orbit resource
Mr. Attila Matas (ITU)
Powerpoint Presentation
IAA 3rd African Regional Conference in Abuja, Nigeria
Mr. Jiae Ajayi (Nigeria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Japanese Space Policy - The Basic Plan for Space Policy
Mr. Jun Yanagi (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Polish students' space activities
Mr. T. Kucinski and Mr. M. Urbanowicz (Poland)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Generation at Glance - 10 year evaluation
Mr. Ben Baseley-Walker (SGAC)
Powerpoint Presentation
Report on the Activities of the Space Policy Institute
Mr. Scott Pace (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
The Outcomes of the SGAC 10 Year Anniversary Conference: UNISPACE III -How Far Have We Come?
Ms. Ariane Cornell (SGAC)
Powerpoint Presentation

Fifty-first session (2008)

Title/Presenter Presentation
Welcome to ESO!
Mr. Claus Madsen (ESO)
Powerpoint Presentation
Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture: Bridging Remote Sensing and Ground Information for National and International Policy Actions
Mr. Mahendra Shah (IIASA)
Powerpoint Presentation
European Space Policy
Ms. Hélène-Diane Dage (European Commission)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Weather As a Framework for International Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Mr. Thomas J. Bogdan (NOAA, USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Activity of Russian Federation on Space Debris Problem
Mr. Dmintry V. Gorobets (Russian Federation)
Powerpoint Presentation
Sentinel Asia
Mr. Makoto Kajii (JAXA, Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
DLR contributions to UN Activities Rapid Mapping services and applications for emergency response
Mr. Harald Mehl (DLR, Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
Youth Views on the capacity building for community-based disaster management in context of recent disasters in Asia Pacific
Ms. Bijal Thakore (SGAC)
Powerpoint Presentation
Activities of the IAF Administrative Committee on Space and Society
Mr. Marc Heppener (IAF Space and Society Committee)
Powerpoint Presentation
La Amenaza de Asteroides: Acercándonos a la Hora de Una Decisión Internacional
Mr. F. R. Chang Díaz (ASE)
Powerpoint Presentation
Introducing A New Framework for Space Traffic Management (STM)
Ms. Johanna Catena (SGAC)
Powerpoint Presentation

Fiftieth session (2007)

Title/Presenter Presentation
Sentinel-Asia contributing to Disaster Management Support System in the Asia-Pacific Region by JAXA
Mr. K. Kaku (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
Celebrations of World Space Week in Bangladesh, 2003-2006
Mr. F.Sarker (SIA)
Observation and Study of the Objects Approaching the Earth
Mr. S. Gusyev (Ukraine)
Powerpoint Presentation
Use of SKAKO (Automatic System of Control and Analysis of Outer Space) for the Observation of Space Debris
Mr. S. Gusyev (Ukraine)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Disposal of Nuclear Waste
Mr. O. Ventskovskiy (Ukraine)
Powerpoint Presentation
Intersputnik as Provider of State-of-the-art Satellite Communications Services
Mr. V. Veshchunov (Intersputnik)
Powerpoint Presentation
Yuzhnoye Design Office: Technologies in the National and International Space Programmes
Mr. O. Ventskovskiy (Ukraine)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space in the Twenty-first Century: A Challenge for International Governance
Mr. J. Logsdon (USA)
Powerpoint Presentation
A New Paradigm in Geographic Education: "The ESA-School Atlas-Geography from Space"
Mr. L. Beckel (Austria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Experience of General Organization of Remote Sensing (GORS)
Mr. O. Ammar & Mr. M. Koudmari (Syrian Arab Republic)
Powerpoint Presentation
"noaNgea - Space Education Without Borders"
M. Kukla (Austria)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space-derived Geospatial Data fro Sustainable Development
Mr. D. Radhakrishnan (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Colombian Space Commission Structure, Main Achievements and Future Plans
Mr. I. Gómez-Guzmán (Colombia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Technology for Education
Mr. D. Radhakrishnan (India)
Powerpoint Presentation
Enhancing Human Development through Space Education: Attempts by JAXA Space Education
Ms.Takemi Chiku (Japan)
Powerpoint Presentation
G-WaLe: Enhanced Flood Prediction based on a mobile GNSS application
Mr. Holder Sdunnus (Germany)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Image Atlas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mr. Al-al Shaikh (Saudi Arabia)
Powerpoint Presentation
Civil Society and Outer Space
Mr. Peter Lillie (European Space Policy Institute)
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Education Programme
Ms. Y. Berenguer (UNESCO)
Powerpoint Presentation


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