Scientific and Technical Subcommittee: 2014

Fifty-first session (10-21 February 2014)

Symposium on "Commercial Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems" 
Monday, 17 February 2014


The following presentations were made at the 2014 symposium on the theme "Commercial Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems".

Title/Presenter Presentation
The Global Positioning System
T. Stansell, Stansell Consulting, USA 
Powerpoint Presentation
Current state and prospects of development of commercial application GLONASS/GNSS in the Russian Federation
A. Kupriyanov, GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association, Russian Federation
Powerpoint Presentation
Progress of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System/GNSS Applications
M. Tian, China Satellite Navigation Office, China
Powerpoint Presentation
Commercial Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems
G. Viriglio, TELESPAZIO Spa, Italy
Powerpoint Presentation
Project Overview: Quasi-Zenith Satellite System
Y. Murai, QZS System Service Inc., Japan
Powerpoint Presentation
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