Scientific and Technical Subcommittee: 2016

Fifty-third session (15-26 February 2016)

Open Forum on Near-Earth Objects (NEO)
18 February 2016

The following presentations were made at the 2016 Open Forum on Near-Earth Objects.

Title/Presenter Presentation
International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN): Brief Summary & Status of the Current Worldwide NEO Survey Effort
Rob Landis, Planetary Science Division, NASA Headquarters
Powerpoint Presentation
Summary of Current Worldwide NEO Survey, Orbit Computation and Follow-up Efforts
Timothy Spahr, NEO Sciences LLC
Powerpoint Presentation
IAWN-related activities in Europe
Detlef Koschny, IAWN steering group member, NEO segment co-manager, ESA
Powerpoint Presentation
ESO observations of potentially hazardous NEOs
Claus Madsen (Cabinet of the Director General) and Olivier Hainaut (Senior Astronomer), ESO
Powerpoint Presentation
Communication Planning for the International Asteroid Warning Network
Linda Billings, National Institute of Aerospace, USA; Consultant to NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office, NASA HQ
Powerpoint Presentation
Space Mission Planning Advisory Group
Gerhard Drolshagen, ESA, (Chair of SMPAG)
Powerpoint Presentation
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