National Space Science Agency, Bahrain

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"We are delighted and honoured to have been selected by MBRSC on its first PHI mission through the "Aman" project. This opportunity is unprecedented in our quest to contribute meaningfully to the global effort towards the sustainable, peaceful use of outer space and building national capacity in spacecraft subsystems engineering, design, and construction". - Dr. Mohamed Ebrahim Al Aseeri, NSSA Chief Executive



Mission e-patches awarded to National Space Science Agency

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"Aman" Payload will provide a secure connection between the satellite and the ground station. It used a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with low complexity and power consumption optimization to encrypt and decrypt images and data received from the IoT sensors and the ground station. "Aman" can secure the uplink and downlink. The FPGA-based Payload will be a technology demonstration payload aiming to test the optimized reconfigurable cyber-security architecture to aid the data encryption for satellite systems and IoT devices that lack security and requires protection for private and sensitive information from being breached and cyber attacked.

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