Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Warsaw University of Technology team. Credit: Warsaw University of Technology

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Mission e-patches awarded to the Warsaw University of Technology.

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In the fourth cycle of UNOOSA's Fellowship Programme for Drop Tower Experiment Series (DropTES), a team from the Warsaw University of Technology was awarded the fellowship through competitive selection. The team members were Ms. Dominika Rafalo, Mr. Pawel Brunne, Mr. Maksymilian Gawin and Mr. Piotr Kuligowski, supervised by Ms. Inna Uwarowa. The objective of the Warsaw University of Technology's drop experiment was to verify, in vacuum and microgravity conditions, the deployment of the deorbit sail system on their two unit CubeSat called "PW-Sat2". The deorbit sail is a type of passive deorbit device based on the drag augmenting phenomenon, and its main purpose is to prevent satellites becoming orbital debris after completing their missions.

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