Working Group B: Enhancement of Performance of Global Navigation Satellite Systems Services

Working Group Meeting, 12 - 13 November 2014, Prague, Czech Republic

Meeting Agenda (PDF format in English only)

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Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

Working Group B Application Subgroup
Outcomes of the WG-B Application Subgroup Meeting - X. Zhan, China and M. Mine, Japan
Powerpoint Presentation
GNSS Space Service Volume
GNSS Space Service Volume and Space User Data Update - F. Bauer, United States of America Powerpoint Presentation
BeiDou Space Service Volume - X. Zhan, China Powerpoint Presentation
GLONASS Space Service Volume - V. Kosenko, Russian Federation
Powerpoint Presentation
Status of Galileo Space Service Volume - S. Wallner, European Space Agency Powerpoint Presentation
Performance Enhancement
Improving Performance of Navigation Service and TTFF with New Signals - A . Veytsel, Russian Federation
Powerpoint Presentation
Refinement of TTFF Methodology - V. Tyubalin, Russian Federation
Powerpoint Presentation
Advanced GNSS/INS techniques for cableways dynamic oscillations determination - R. Cefalo, Italy Powerpoint Presentation
On-board Atomic Clock Monitoring unit with enhanced integrity feature - A. Banik, India Powerpoint Presentation
Methods of improving efficiency of interference suppression GNSS anti-jam receivers - I. Sokolov, Russian Federation Powerpoint Presentation
Interference Mitigation Techniques - E. Gkougkas, European Union Powerpoint Presentation
Antenna modules of GNSS user equipment: new design methods - S. Boyko, Russian Federation Powerpoint Presentation
RTK: Where every GNSS matter - S. Averin, Russian Federation Powerpoint Presentation
Progress update on multi-constellation safety-of-life activitites - E. Chatre, European Union and K. Alexander, United States of America Powerpoint Presentation
NeQuick Galileo: Galileo ionospheric correction algorithm for single frequency users - European Union Powerpoint Presentation
MEOSAR and GPS - L.Mazzuca, United States of America Powerpoint Presentation
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