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Space and Water - A COPUOS Agenda Item

The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space considers space and water as an agenda item, under which States discuss national, regional and international water-related activities.


The Space for Water Project

In 2016, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW) signed an agreement to collaborate on their common goal of promoting the use of space-based technology for increased access to water.

The Space for Water Project consists of activities in the following areas, on which you can read more information below:

  Space4Water Project Pillars

The Space4Water Portal Logo


Through its collaboration with PSIPW, the Office for Outer Space Affairs has developed and launched the Space4Water Portal, a platform for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange on space technologies and water-related topics. The portal brings together organisations active in the field to share information on projects, initiatives, satellite missions, software, community portals, capacity building and training material, conferences, workshops, as well as news and publications. The information is categorised and shared publicly in a user-friendly format.


The Space4Water Portal shall serve as:

  • a platform for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange on space solutions and technologies for water-related topics
  • an initiative to make information discoverable
  • a multi-stakeholder platform
  • a platform to support capacity-building
  • a portal for expert communities sharing information on software, applications, publications, projects and initiatives
  • a portal which is inclusive for actors from developing countries.


The main features of the Portal are listed below. Click on the icon to reach the respective section of the Space4Water Portal.



Young Professionals

  Activities and Opportunities

Activities and Opportunities

Next GEOSS Dataset Search Projects and Initiatives Software and Tools Training Material and Webinars



Conference Series: Space Technologies for Water (Resource) Management

The Office for Outer Space Affairs also supports initiatives that bring together experts to discuss cooperation, capacity-building and future approaches to water resource management. For more information, see:

Space4Water Stakeholder Meetings

Other Water-related Events co-organised by the Office







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