Working Group S: Systems, Signals and Services

Working Group Meeting, 27 and 29 - 30 September 2021, Vienna, Austria (Hybrid Format)

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Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

GNSS System Provider Updates
Overview of new NavIC L1 SPS Signal structure, Modulation and CEMIC Scheme, D. UPADHYAY, V. BHADOURIA, SAC/ISRO, India
GNSS Compatibility and Spectrum (IDM Standards and Information Exchange)
The method of GNSS Interference Detection in Civil Aviation, Weimin ZHEN, China
Pseudolite based navigation systems for aviation applications: An update, Ashish SHUKLA, SAC/ISRO, India
IDM Task Force Report, Rick HAMILTON, CGSIC, United States, Weimin ZHEN, China
GNSS Compatibility and Spectrum (Signal Compatibility and Spectrum Protection)
Protection from out of band emissions and need for Regulation in S-Band Navigation: NavIC Experience, GHANSHYAM, P. PATIDAR, URSC and SAC/ISRO, India
Focus on WRC-23: Topics Relevant to GNSS, Hon Fai NG, International Telecommunication Union
System-of-Systems Operation (Orbital Debris Mitigation)
IGSO De-Orbit Way, GOTO Mari Yuzawa, Japan
Study on Disposal Options of BDS EOL Satellites, Jing ZHOU, China
IADC MEO Report, Manuel METZ, IADC
Interoperability and Service Standards (Open Service Standards)
Novel interleaved Z4 linear PRN codes for NavIC L1-SPS, Sugandh MISHRA, D. DHARMAPA, SAC and ISTARAC/ISRO, India
Navigation Messaging Service and Authentication for NavIC SPS: An Update, A. DWIVEDI, Hemraj SHAU, URSC and SAC/ISRO, India
Update from the Performance Standards Team, Alexey BOLKUNOV, Russian Federation, Sasha MITELMAN, United States
Joint Working Group Session: Open Service Information Sharing and Service Performance Monitoring (International GNSS Monitoring and Assessment)
Status Update of IGMA-IGS activities, Tim SPRINGER, ESA
Report of the IGMA Task Force (WG-S), KOGURE Satoshi, Japan, Shuli SONG, China
Joint Working Group Session: Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Interoperability
Introduction and Application of BDS PPP Service, Xiaojun XU, China
Update from the PPP Task Force (WG-S), HIROKAWA Rui, Japan, Simon REYNOLDS, Australia, Ignacio FERNANDEZ-HERNANDEZ, European Commission
Joint Working Group Session: Interoperability and Service Standards (Multi-GNSS Interoperability - Timing)
Actions from WG-S, Jeff AUERBACH, United States, Xiaochun LU, China
Time interoperability and the CCTF Recommendation, Gerard PETIT, Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), Pascale DEFRAIGNE, Royal Observatory of Belgium
NavIC-Galileo Time offset determination: An update, Anu AARORA, ISTRAC/ISRO, India
New results of single station GNSS to GNSS time offsets and the offsets prediction, Haibo YUAN, NTSC, China
Joint Working Group Session: Geodetic References
Recent developments in the UN GGIM Subcommittee on Geodesy and UN Global Geodetic Reference Frame, Zuheir ALTAMIMI, on behalf of the UN GGIM Subcommittee on Geodesy Bureau
Introducing the IGS 2021+ Strategic Plan, Allison CRADDOCK, on behalf of the IGS Governing Board
Interoperability (Receiver)
Configurable NavIC Payload Signal Integrity and Coherency Test Receiver, Rakesh BIJARNIYA, SAC/ISRO, India
Novel Modulation, Coding and Soft decoding algorithms for NavIC L1 Receivers, Deepak MISHRA, SAC/ISRO, India
ITU Regulatory Issue with GNSS L-Band in the Shielded Zone of the Moon (SZM): Way forward, Jean-Luc ISSLER, National Centre for Space Studies (CNES)



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