UN/Austria/ESA Symposium on Space Applications to Support the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development
"Space Tools and Solutions for Monitoring the Atmosphere and Land Cover"

Graz, Austria, 9 - 12 September 2008

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Online Presentations and Papers

Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations or the Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008
Opening Session
Master of Ceremony: Willibald Riedler, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Opening Remark: Willibald Riedler, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Welcome Remarks: Wolfgang Baumjohann, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Otto Koudelka, Joanneum Research
Siegfried Nagl, City of Graz
Christa Kranzl (Ms.), Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Mazlan Othman (Ms.), United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
NASA Video on the 15th Anniversary of the Symposia
Keynote Addresses
Chairperson: Otto Koudelka, Austria
Rapporteur: Ahmed Zegrar, Algeria
  A Benefit Assessment of GEOSS: Results from the Geo-Bene project
Steffen Fritz, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Powerpoint Presentation
  Vulnerable Mountains from Space
Harald Egerer, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Powerpoint Presentation
Objectives of the 2008 Symposium and Review of the 2007 Symposium
Chairperson: Sevda Ibrahimova (Ms.), Azerbaijan
Rapporteur: Md. Atiar Rahman, Bangladesh
  Objectives and Organization of the Symposium
Mazlan Othman (Ms.), United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Levent Canturk, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Powerpoint Presentation
  2007 UN Graz Symposium: Review
Sundar Christopher, University of Alabama in Huntsville, United States
Powerpoint Presentation
Global and Regional Initiatives
Chairperson: Larysa Areshkina (Ms.), Belarus
Rapporteur: Andrea Ferraz Young (Ms.), Brazil
  Contribution of Global Monitoring of Environment and Security (GMES) for monitoring Land Cover and atmosphere
Josiane Masson (Ms.), GMES Bureau
Powerpoint Presentation
  PROMOTE Project
Eleni Paliouras (Ms.), German Aerospace Center (DLR),German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD), Climate and Atmospheric Products (KA)
Powerpoint Presentation
Presentations by participants
  Present Status of NEPAL on Space Tools for Sustainable Development
Rajendra Kumar Manandhar, Ministry of Environment, Science & Technology, Nepal
Powerpoint Presentation
  Integration of Remotely Sensed Data Into a Geographical Information System of Soil Resources
Diana Hanganu (Ms.), National Research and Development Institute for Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Environmental Protection (ICPA-Bucuresti)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Satellite Applications in Aerosol and Glacier Monitoring in Pakistan
Badar Ghauri, Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commision (SUPARCO)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Monitoring Land Cover Changes in the Arab Region Using High Temporal Resolution NDVI Time Series Images
Ghaleb Faour, National Council for Scientific Research of Lebanon
Powerpoint Presentation
  Measuring Impacts of Urban Growth on Urban Travel and Implications for Air Quality: Canadian Case
Ying Zhang (Ms.), Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Powerpoint Presentation
  Concept of Space System For Global Radio Occultation Monitoring of Lower Atmosphere and Ionosphere Based On Super-Small Satellites With GLONASS/GPS Navigationa Signal Receivers
Valery Vishnyakov, Russian Institute of Space Device Engineering (FUSUE "RISDE")
Powerpoint Presentation
  Proposal for the Establishment of a Centre of Data Excellence
Mumba Dauti Kampengele, National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research, Zambia
Powerpoint Presentation
Wednesday, 10 September 2008
Overview of Earth Observations, Satellite Applications, and Atmospheric Monitoring
Chairperson: Rosario Alfaro (Ms.), Costa Rica
Rapporteur: Pier Carlo Sandei, UNEP
  Climate Change Monitoring From Space
Hartmut Grassl, Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany
Powerpoint Presentation
  Earth Observations for Air Quality and Land Applications
Amy Huff (Ms.), Battelle Memorial Institute, United States
Powerpoint Presentation
  Overview of Earth Observations: Principles of Satellite Remote Sensing and Applications to Particulate Matter Air Quality
Sundar Christopher, University of Alabama in Huntsville, United States
Powerpoint Presentation
Agriculture, Land and Rural Development
  Experiences of Mapping Land Use/Land Cover and Deriving Trends Over the Vast West African Region
Introduction to the Rapid Land Cover Mapper Tool

Gray Tappan,U.S. Geological Survey-EROS(Earth Resources Observation and Science Center)
Powerpoint Presentation
Presentations by participants
  Monitoring Land Cover in Interests of an Agriculture with Use of the Remote-sensed Data
Larysa Areshkina (Ms.), United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Powerpoint Presentation
  Capacity Building for Sustainable Agriculture Development in Cambodia
Nhean Choch, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Cambodia
Powerpoint Presentation
  Space Tools and Solutions for Monitoring the Atmosphere and Land Cover for Rural Development Projects: Geo-Spatial Technology Processes and Application Models
Madhava Rao Vasala, National Institute of Rural Development (Ministry of Rural Development), India
Powerpoint Presentation
  Multitemporal Analysis of the Urban Growth of the City of Sapucai, Paraguay
Silvia Barbara Burgos Sosa (Ms.), Paraguaian Institute for Environmental Protection (IPPA)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Environmental Risks and Social Dissimilarities: Facing the Challenges of Global Changes in the Baixada Santista Metropolitan Region (Brazil)
Andrea Ferraz Young, Population Studies Centre, Brasil
Powerpoint Presentation
Interactions Between Atmosphere and Agriculture, Particularly in Developing Countries
Chairperson: Choch Nhean, Cambodia
Rapporteur: Ying Zhang (Ms.), Canada
  Mountains as early indicators of Climate Change- The role of space technologies on monitoring our changing climate
Pier Carlo Sandei, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Land Cover Contextual Classification Using Space Imagery for Wetland and Forest Monitoring
Mykhailo Popov, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine / Scientific Centre for Aerospace research of the Earth (CASRE)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Land Cover/Land Use Change and Vulnerability
Marco Leidel, Z_GIS Centre for Geoinformatics,Salzburg University, Austria
Powerpoint Presentation
Presentations by participants
  Spatial Variability of Soil Properties on Kame Field of Poznan Lakeland
Hussam H.M. Husein, General Commision for Scientific Agricultural Research, Syria
Powerpoint Presentation
  Variability of Atmospheric and Land Surrface Biophysical Parameters Retrieved Using Satellite Based Measurements over India
Raghavendra Pratap Singh, Space Applications Centre (ISRO) India
Powerpoint Presentation
  GIS Technology for Dynamic Monitoring Land Cover/Land Use Changes for all of Azerbaijan Using High Resolution Space Images
Sevda Ibrahimova (Ms.), National Aerospace Agency of Azerbaijan
Powerpoint Presentation
  Land Cover and Environmental Hazards; Satellite Remote Sensing Approach and Solutions in Bangladesh
Atiar Rahman, Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Challenges of Obtaining Land Use Data Using Conventional Methods: Opportunities for Remote Sensing
Mphethe Tongwane, Lesotho Meteorological Services, Agricultural Meteorology
Powerpoint Presentation
  The Utilization of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology in Various Applications for Sustainable Development in Malaysia
Azman Ahmad, Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)
Powerpoint Presentation
Thursday, 11 September 2008
Space Tools and Solutions for Combating Drought and Desertification
Chairperson: Silvia Barbara Burgos Sosa(Ms.),Paraguay
Rapporteur: Madhava Rao Vasala, India
  Forest Monitoring
Manuela Hirschmugl (Ms.l, Joanneum Research, Austria
Powerpoint Presentation
  Operational Drought Monitoring with METOP-ASCAT and ENVISAT-ASAR
Stefan Hasenauer, Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (IPF), Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)
Powerpoint Presentation
  Topographic correction of satellite images for improved LULC classification in Mountainous areas
Petra Füreder (Ms.)Z_GIS Centre for Geoinformatics,Salzburg University, Austria
Powerpoint Presentation
  Satellite Based Data Communication and Dissemination
Otto Koudelka, Joanneum Research, Austria
Powerpoint Presentation
Presentations by participants
  Spatial Analysis of Forest Regeneration Post Fire in Algeria By Using High Spatial Images Resolution and GIS
Ahmed Zegrar, Centre of Spaces Techniques, Algeria
Powerpoint Presentation
  Integrating Remote Sensing Data and Energy Balance Modelling for Detection of Drought and its Publication in the Internet
Adi Witono, Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautic and Space (LAPAN)
Powerpoint Presentation
  The Flash Flood Guidance System for Central America: A useful Tool to Improve Flash Flood Warnings and Alerts
Rosario Alfaro, Instituto Meteorologico Nacional of Costa Rica
Powerpoint Presentation
  RS/GIS Multi-criteria Zoning of 200,00 ha Land Area for Detailed Feasibility Study, Survey and Design of 5,000 ha for Irrigation Project
Francis Danquah Ohemeng, Irrigation Development Authority (IDA), Ghana
Powerpoint Presentation
Education, Training and Institutional Capacity Building
Interactive Training on Satellite Tools and Applications (Theme: Air Quality and Land)
Trainers: Sundar Christopher, Amy Huff (Ms.)
Friday, 12 September 2008
Education, Training and Instituitional Capacity Building
Follow-Up Activities and Working Group Meetings
Chairperson: Valery Vishnyakov, Russian Federation
Rapporteur: Anusha Rashanthie Warnasooriya (Ms.), Sri Lanka
  United Nations-affiliated Regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education (Brazil/Mexico, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Education Curricula)
Levent Canturk, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Powerpoint Presentation
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