United Nations/Morocco/European Space Agency International Workshop on the Use of Space Technology for Sustainable Development
Rabat, Morocco, 25 - 27 April 2007

Hosted by the Royal Centre for Remote Sensing

The objectives of this Workshop are: (a) to increase the awareness among decision makers, and users on the potential benefits of applying space technology to environmental monitoring and management; (b) to expand the information and data exchange networking on the use of Earth Observation data; and (c) to develop regional/national pilot projects that use space technology to support the sustainable development for Africa.

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Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations or the Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007
Opening Session
Welcome / Opening Remarks Mr. Driss El HADANI,
Royal Centre for Remote Sensing

Ms. Alice LEE,
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

Ms. Micheline TABACHE,
European Space Agency
Session 1: International initiatives on the use of space technology for sustainable development in Africa
Chairperson: Mr. Driss El Hadani, Morocco
Rapporteur: Ms. Florence Murungweni, Zimbabwe
  Distribution and use of available Landsat data sets for sustainable development in Africa
Ms. Sharafat Gadimova, UNOOSA
Powerpoint Presentation
  TIGER initiative: Towards an African Water Observation system
Ms. Micheline Tabache, ESA
Powerpoint Presentation
  GPS Constellation update and international cooperation
Mr. Fernando Echavarria and Mr. Jim Jimenez, USA
Powerpoint Presentation
  "San Marco" Italian Space Centre in Malindi (Kenya) and its contribution to sustainable development in Africa
Ms. Simona Ciaccio, Italy
Powerpoint Presentation
  Advances in small satellite Earth Observation constellations
Mr. Sean Hodges- Jackson, UK
Powerpoint Presentation
Session 2: Space technology applications to coastal and marine ecosystems management
Chairperson: Mr. Tej Singh Chouhan, India
Rapporteur: Mr. Ahmed Er Raji, Morocco
  Mapping of marine macrophytes in the Atlantic coast of Tierra del Fuego using different satellite sensors
Ms. Sandra Torrusio, Argentina
Powerpoint Presentation
  Remote sensing and GIS for integrated management of aquaculture potentialities
Mr. Hassan Arid, Morocco
Powerpoint Presentation
  Characterization and monitoring of space and time dynamic Moroccan upwelling using Earth Observation
Mr. Abderrahman Atillah and Mr. Aissa Benazzouz, Morocco
Powerpoint Presentation
  The use of space technology for sustainable development of the Mediterranean coastal zone
Ms. Hala Effat, Egypt
Powerpoint Presentation
Thursday, 26 April 2007
Session 3: Space and integrated water resources management
Chairperson: Mr. Ranjith Premalal De Silva Wachchi Patabendege, Sri Lanka
Rapporteur: Mr. Hassan Arid, Morocco
  Desertification: climate and water resources perspectives
Mr. Lamin Touray, Gambia
Powerpoint Presentation
  Floodplain wetland mapping for environmental flow assessment in the white Volta basin
Mr. Benjamin Nyarko, Germany
Powerpoint Presentation
  Using satellite imagery for hydrological structure of Bandama river basin
Mr. Mamadou Fofana, Cote d 'Ivore
Powerpoint Presentation
  Ground water use impact in Souss-Massa Hydraulic basin (Adagir, Morocco)
Mr. Ahmed Er Raji, Morocco
  Utilisation des SIG dans l'évaluation de la vulnérabilité des nappes à la pollution (Application à la nappes de El Haouz)
Mr. Mohamed Sinan, Morocco
Powerpoint Presentation
  EMWIS: Towards the establishment of a Mediterranean water information partnership (MedWIP)
Mr. Paul Haener, France
Powerpoint Presentation
Session 4: Space and land use management related to agriculture, forest, disasters and climate change
Chairperson: Mr. Mamadou Fofana, Cote d'Ivore
Rapporteur: Mr. Joseph Yeneken, Liberia
  Geospatial data application in the assessment of population impact on a tropical lowland rainforest of Southern Nigeria
Mr. Bolarinwa Balogun, Nigeria
Powerpoint Presentation
  Explanatory Digital Atlas for Combating Desertification in India
Mr. Tej Singh Chouhan, India
Powerpoint Presentation
  SaDIN: Realization of an online geoinformation system in Morocco
Mr. Ralf Lowner, Germany
Powerpoint Presentation
  The use of Space Technology in Sudan
Ms. Amna Hamid, Sudan
Powerpoint Presentation
  Suivi du Programme Villes Sans Bidonvilles à partir des images satellites
Mr. M. Halimi, Morocco
Powerpoint Presentation
Session 4: Space and land use management related to agriculture, forest, disasters and climate change (continued)
Chairperson: Mr. Bolarinwa Balogun, Nigeria
Rapporteur: Ms. Sandra Torrusio, Argentina
  La base de donnees de l'occupation des terres (BDOT) un outil dáide a la decision pour le development au Burkina Faso
Mr. Janvier Bazoun, Burkina Faso
Powerpoint Presentation
  Satellite imagery for desertification monitoring
Mr. Noureddine Bijaber, Morocco
Powerpoint Presentation
  La Télédétection spatiale et les SIG au service de la gestion des forêts
Mr. Ezzahiri Mustapha, Morocco
Powerpoint Presentation
  Regional and national biodiversity modelling and analysis
Mr. Andrew Skidmore, Netherlands
Powerpoint Presentation
  The use of space technology for supporting sustainable development for Africa
Ms. Joan Kabaselleh, Kenya
Powerpoint Presentation
  Policies and application of space technology for environmental monitoring and management
Ms. Florence Murungweni, Zimbabwe
Powerpoint Presentation
  Impact of Sumbandilasat on Sustainable Development
Mr. Sias Mostert, South Africa
Powerpoint Presentation
Friday, 27 April 2007
Session 5: Space technology applications case studies
Chairperson: Mr. Halimi, Morocco
Rapporteur: Ms. Hala Effat, Egypt
  The operational use of remote sensing for utilities projects is now a reality in Africa
Mr. Herbert Hansen, Belgium
Powerpoint Presentation
  Hazard mitigation in Lebanon using RS and GIS
Mr. Ghaleb Faour, Lebanon
Powerpoint Presentation
  Application of Sleuth model in Antalya
Ms. Ozlem Sevik, Turkey
Powerpoint Presentation
  Utilisation des donnees sallitaries haute resolution pour l'estimation des superficies agricoles au Senegal
Mr. Mbaye Diop, Senegal
Powerpoint Presentation
  Sustainable management of tea plantations using cloud free optical satellite data
Mr. Ranjith Premalal De Silva Wachchipatabendege, Sri Lanka
Powerpoint Presentation
  Utilization of climate information in agricultural livelihoods recovery and development in Uganda
Mr. Johnson Owaro, Uganda
Powerpoint Presentation
Session 6: Capacity building in space technologies
Chairperson: Ms. J. Kabaselleh, Kenya
Rapporteur: Mr. E. Jansen, South Africa
  L'apport du CRASTE-LF au renforcement des capacites de la region en matiere de techniques de l'espace
Mr. Abderrahmane Touzani, Morocco
Powerpoint Presentation
  GeoEye's satellite and aerial imagery for sustainable development
Mr. Rao Ramayanam, USA
Powerpoint Presentation
  Overview of ESA Earth Observation - Telecommunications integrated applications projects for capacity building in Africa
Mr. Stefano Badessi, Italy
Powerpoint Presentation
  Capacity building in space technologies in the developing countries
Ms. Amal Layachi, Morocco
Powerpoint Presentation
  The Egyptian Space Programme and its role in the sustainable development of Egypt, Middle East and Africa
Mr. Hamdy Ashour, Egypt
Powerpoint Presentation
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