Seventeenth Meeting of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG), Madrid, Spain (Hybrid Format), 16 - 20 October 2023

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Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

Providers System and Service Updates
Galileo Programme Status, Juan Pablo BOYERO, European Commission
History of the Global Positioning System (GPS) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of gaining initial approval in 1973, Bradford PARKINSON, Edward Wells Professor, Emeritus, Aeronautics and Astronautics (Recalled), Co-Director, Center for Position, Navigation and Time, Stanford University, United States
U.S. Space Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Policy Update, Robert WRAY, United States
Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, Xiaochun LU, China
Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) Status, Ivan REVNIVYKH, Russian Federation (virtual)
NavIC and GAGAN System Update, Kartik ANBALAGAN, India
QZSS System and Service Updates, NUMARA Kenji, Japan
Presentations by Members, Associate Members, Observers and Invited Observers on Matters of Interest to ICG
KPS & KASS Status Updates, Taegyu KIM, Republic of Korea
SouthPAN, Matt AMOS, Land Information New Zealand, and Vincent ROOKE, Geoscience Australia
Italy's perspective on GNSS, Alberto TUOZZI and Mauro CARDONE, Italy
Pseudolite System for Reusable Launchers and Lunar Navigation, Ashish SHUKLA, India (virtual)
India's MicroSat Mission for GNSS-Reflectometry Applications, Ananya RAY, India (virtual)
Lunar PNT Overview, Joel PARKER, Working Group B SUSG WP4, United States
Lunar Spectrum Considerations, Cathy SHAM, Working Group B SUSG WP4, United States (virtual)
Lunar and Martian in-situ PNT frequency bands, and guard bands, Jean-Luc ISSLER, France
Lunar Pathfinder and Moonlight, Javier VENTURA-TRAVESET, European Space Agency
LANS Interoperability Demonstration Mission Under Planning, MURATA Masaya, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Javier VENTURA-TRAVESET, Pietro GIORDANO, Richard Dennis SWINDEN, European Space Agency, Cheryl GRAMLING, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
FutureNAV In-Orbit Demonstrator - A first step towards a European LEO-PNT component, Joerg HAHN, European Space Agency
ESA's GENESIS Mission - At the foundation of Navigation, Werner ENDERLE, European Space Agency
Galileo HAS and OSNMA, Ignacio FERNANDEZ-HERNANDEZ, European Commission, Daniel BLONSKI, European Space Agency (virtual)
GPS High Accuracy Service (GPS HAS) Based on GDGPS, Attila KOMJÁTHY, United States
Near-Real-Time Anomaly Detection in Total Electron Content for the GUARDIAN Ionospheric Monitor, Léo MARTIRE, S. KRISHNAMOORTHY, F. LUHRMANN, J. PARK, Attila KOMJÁTHY, B. SZILÁGYI, L. ROMANS, P. VERGADOS, United States
IAIN World Congress 2024, Mario CAPORALE, IAIN
COSPAR's Contribution to the Scientific Applications of GNSS, Heike PETER, Committee on Space Research
WRC-23, Hon Fai NG, International Telecommunication Union (virtual)
IMO's role and developments on GNSS, Cafer Ozkan ISTANBULLU, International Maritime Organization (virtual)
GNSS activities in Nigeria, Joseph DODO, Nigeria (virtual)
How GNSS Contributes to CO2 Reduction, Giovanni LUCCHI, European Union Agency for the Space Programme
Working Groups Joint Meeting: Lunar PNT
Lunar PNT: Overview of Current Plans and Interoperability Relationships with GNSS, Joel PARKER, Working Group B SUSG WP4
Lunar Spectrum Considerations, Cathy SHAM, United States
LunaNet: Interoperability for Lunar PNT, Cheryl GRAMLING, United States
Recommendation for Multilateral Cislunar PNT Workshop and International Organization Activities, MURATA Masaya, Japan
Space Service Volume (SSV) - Galileo Reference Antenna Pattern, F. MENZIONE, European Commission/JRC
Working Groups Joint Meeting: Disaster Risk Reduction
WG-D and WG-B's Task Force on Applications of GNSS for Disaster Risk Reduction: Report to ICG-17, Leo MARTIRE, IGS, Jun SHEN, China, TAKAMATSU Naofumi, Japan
Working Groups Joint Meeting: Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Interoperability
Galileo HAS status, Ignacio FERNANDEZ HERNANDEZ, European Union
QZSS PPP/PPP-RTK status, SAKAI Yoko, Japan
BDS PPP Service Status Update, Nie XIN, China
Interoperability Analysis of Open PPP/PPP-RTK Services, HIROKAWA Rui, Japan
Update on GPS HAS Based on GDGPS and Recent Results, Attila KOMJATHY, United States
GSeisRT: GNSS point positioning engine for widearea geohazard monitoring in real time, Jianghui GENG, IGS
ICG WG-S Co-chairs Update of PPP Interoperability Task Force, HIROKAWA Rui, Japan, Simon REYNOLDS, Australia, Ignacio FERNANDEZ-HERNANDEZ, European Union
Working Groups Joint Meeting: Open Service Information Sharing and Service Performance Monitoring (International GNSS Monitoring and Assessment)
IGMA Progress and Plan, KOGURE Satoshi, Shuli SONG, Erik SCHONEMANN
Presentations by Members, Associate Members, Observers and Invited Observers on Matters of Interest to ICG (continued)
Evaluation of the Algerian Satellite-based Augmentation System from 2021 to 2023, Lahouaria TABTI, Algeria (virtual)
Pakistan Satellite Based Augmentation System Update 2023, Amer Sarfraz AHMAD, Pakistan (virtual)
Turkish Satellite Based Navigation Program, Emre ICEN, Türkiye (virtual)
Announcement of the 18th Annual Meeting of the ICG in 2024, New Zealand/Australia



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