Working Group B: Enhancement of GNSS Performance, New Services and Capabilities

Working Group Meeting, 17 - 19 October 2023, Madrid, Spain (Hybrid Format)

Meeting Agenda
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Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

Session 1: Status of Space Use Subgroup
Status Update on ICG WG-B Space Use Subgroup (SUSG) Activities, Co-Chairs of WG-B SUSG
Space Use Subgroup (SUSG) Work Package-4 (WP-4): Overview and 2022-2023 Accomplishments, Frank BAUER, FB-ACS
Lunar Navigation Satellite System (LNSS): Overview, Plan, and Demonstration Mission, MURATA Masaya, JAXA, Japan
Lunar Pathfinder - Moonlight, Javier VENTURA, ESA
The Envision of Earth-Moon and Deep Space Communication-Navigation-Remote Sensing Integrated Constellation System, Xiongwen HE, CAST, China
BDS Space Service Volume (SSV) Performance and Applications, Xinuo CHANG, CAST, China
Lunar GNSS Receiver (LuGRE) Missions and Future Moon Navigation Opportunities, Oscar POZZOBON, Qascom, Italy
Relative Onboard Orbit Determination and Propagation for LEO Missions, S. KAVITHA, Prasanta MULA, URSC/ISRO, India
Pseudolite-based Rover Navigation for future Interplanetary Missions: An AI-based Approach, Ashish SHUKLA, SAC/ISRO, India
Integrated Positioning using NavIC, GPS and Pseudolite, Ashish SHUKLA, SAC/ISRO, India
Session 2: Status of Application Subgroup
Report on AppSG Activities "GNSS Applications: for Present and Future", Co-Chairs of WG-B AppSG
Development of Low Cost NavIC-based Environment Monitoring (NEMO) Drifters, Arunkumar S., SAC/ISRO, India
Sensitivity Analysis of NavIC Multipath Observables Towards Field Soil Moisture over Different Field Conditions, Dharmendra PANDEY, SAC/ISRO, India
Advances in NavCom for Societal and Strategic Applications, Chandra PRAKASH, SAC/ISRO, India
NavIC Applications in e-Governance, Kalpesh BORSADIYA, SAC/ISRO, India
Waterbody Induced Large Multipath Error in onboard NavIC Receiver in Low Altitude Flying Vehicles: A Case Study, Vinoj V. S., IISU/ISRO, India
Session 4: Support to SAR & EWS
LunaSAR: An Astronaut's Evolving Lifeline, Lisa MAZZUCA, NASA
Galileo SAR Status, X. MAUFROID, EC/ESA
Emergency Warning Satellite Service in Galileo, E. GUYADER, E. BOUTON, EC/ESA
Developments of BDS Applications in Communication and Search and Rescue, Liu FALONG, CTTIC, China
Session 5: Support to GNSS Science
The Cooperative Monitoring and Warning of Ionospheric Impacts on GNSS during the 25th High Solar Activity Period, Zishen LI, AISI/CAS, China, Qi LIU, Henan University, China
Data and Applications of Space Weather Payloads onboard of BDS Satellites, Kai LIU, USTC, China
Session 6: Enhancements of GNSS Performance
Galileo's contribution to Safety of Life applications, S. PEREA, EC/ESA
Standalone LEO Doppler Positioning using Proposed Broadband Communication Constellation, Ashish SHUKLA, SAC/ISRO, India
NavIC Multipath Classification using Deep Learning, Ashish SHUKLA, SAC/ISRO, India
Update on NavIC Signal Monitoring Receiver and the Advantage of NavIC L1 SPS, S. SAUMI, Rohan URDHWARESHE, SAC/ISRO, India
Modified CEMIC Scheme for New Service Signals, Vijay BHADOURIA, SAC/ISRO, India
Code Shift Keying for High Data Rate Navigation Signal, Pravin PATIDAR, SAC/ISRO, India
GNSS Signal Interference Analyzer, Deepak MISHRA, SAC/ISRO, India
Signatures of Doppler Collision in NavIC, Vimal BHANDARI, Pravin PATIDAR, SAC/ISRO, India
Doppler Positioning with LEO Satellites and Combination with NavIC, Vimal BHANDARI, SAC/ISRO, India
NeQuick-N Performance in NVS-01, Megha MAHESHWARI, Gurpreet SINGH, URSC/ISRO, India
System configuration considerations for NavIC PPP, Ramesh GUDIVADA, Anand DWIVEDI, Ramarao G., URSC/ISRO, India



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